Rideaux de porte- door curtains

I though you might like to see my  “new” door curtains.

You may recall that we have a “Jack & Jill” shower room on the second floor at the French village house.

We now have functional locks on the access doors to both bedrooms so that potential embarrassment is nailed, the glass is obscured and there are metal decorative grilles on the doors, but I always intended to have curtains to pull across.

They make the rooms look so cosy at night and you all know that I love my fabrics and textures and colours.

The tulip room needed a heavier curtain as one can see right into the shower room from the bed. This one was made for the front door of my Georgian (1762) cottage in the UK and had to be lined and interlined and carefully weighted as there was only a tiny porch between the sitting room and the street! It was made up beautifully by one of my most experienced sewers when I managed a soft furnishings store over 20 years ago, so may qualify for vintage. It’s a dull tea coloured silk damask with an almost white cotton overweave which solves the perpetual quandary  where certain creams and certain whites don’t always work together. These do.


In the terrace room, a lighter curtain is fine. As both sides of the house are at different levels (do keep up!) there are a couple of steps cut into the thick wall to access the shower room from that side . I used an unbleached bought French cotton/linen curtain as the main fabric and it was the perfect excuse to add a border in this wonderfully OTT faux taffeta fabric with scattered sparkly bits attached.

I found this fabric in teal and bronze colourways in the UK (Dunelm Mills) and used that to make beaded and bordered  Moroccan style curtains for the Argeles apartment.

I couldn’t resist buying metres of the dusky, dirty grape colourway also; but full curtains in this fabric would have been overkill at Campagne, so just this mix of rough, rustic, natural and  the quirky boho glamour fabric is perfect I think.







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temporary pets

I think it may be time to get Trevor a pet.

This is the man who “didn’t do pets” when I met him and is now morphing into the Creature Whisperer.

The Bride and I found this almost adult Hirondelle on the street outside. Presumably he had ventured/been shoved out of the nest and had failed to launch satisfactorily.

I put him on a ground floor window sill over the street to give him a little chance against all the local cats, escorted The Bride to her car , then went back and checked him out. His eyes were closed and he simply looked stunned, though I could see no visible injuries. I just couldn’t leave him to the cats (The Groom said it was just  The Circle Of Life but I felt I had to do something to delay the inevitability of death or consumption by cat)  so I picked him up , all limp and pathetic, and took him into the house. I was working and didn’t have time to nurture baby birds so I put him in the courtyard for Trev to see if he was going to come round.

Trev fetched him a towel to languish on (not an OLD towel, by the way, but ONE OF MY EXPENSIVE ONES!) it’s trashed now as Geronimo (no idea why the name of a long dead Native American came into my head) got very destructive as he started to improve.

Picture this, I am trying to work on Serious Matters, and all I can hear through the window is Trev chatting away to this bird whilst sanding and painting a table.

After a while I gave up  and went to see how the newly bonded buddies were going. By now Geronimo had improved sufficiently to flap off the towel and down onto the courytard floor where he climbed up onto Trev’s foot and stayed there as he walked around;moving JUST when I fetched the camera. Fickle little git.

As we have finished work, we take him up to the terrace where we can keep an eye, and hopefully relaunch him successfully. I try to pick him up and he stabs at me with his beak and hops about. Trev picks him up NO PROBLEM and moves him to luxury cardboard box penthouse upstairs.

By now he is much improved and mobile, but still only able to get a few inches off the ground when he flies. He squawks incessantly, opening his mouth as wide as he can and presumably expecting us to feed him. He rejects all offerings, even the bug that Trev caught for him (yes, you read that right)

After a while he climbs up onto the back of the bench using beak and claws and sits  there bellowing at every bird that flies overhead.

One eventually comes bravely right down onto the terrace to check him out (mum?)  We leave them to it  as bonding with Trev is really not the way forward. He practices proper flying.  Half an hour later he has gone. I hope not into the maw of the cat who moved in  across the street last week; though we have never actually had a cat on the terrace and it is quite sheltered from prying eyes.

Trev is clearly missing him. But now he has been joined by a fearless Cicada who seems quite happy to hang around with him.    

His name is Gary…apparently

And I have just Googled him and he is, in fact, a European Mantis.

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Nous ne nous baignons pas aujourd’hui!

We have new leisure facilities  a mere stone’s throw away from Campagne.

Fishing and sports lake, paddle boarding, boats, quad-bikes, play areas, swimming lake with beach, picnic spots, giant inflatables and these very quirky stone “chairs” all with amazing wrap-around mountain views.

Malheureusement, the weather and the wind in the Quillan area today made all the above activities near impossible; though one or two mad bathers were running into the lake, shrieking, and running straight back out again.

Parc Saint Bertrand

Kirsten, however, was determined to grin and bear this penultimate day of her vacances, despite the inclement weather and the fact that the boys were completely underwhelmed. It’s lovely when it’s sunny……….

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Vintage French linen cushion on etsy

New in our etsy shop-see top right of this page.

The Madame de Pompomadour cushion!  Made with vintage French linen fabrics and trimmings

Brocante chic

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Episode 158 – Whoops!

So, let’s admire the “new” old door from tulip bedroom to shower room.

Let’s just show the family our amazing progress Chez Nous since May.

Let’s bask in their admiration at our tireless efforts and   achievements( even though we have to point some of it out to them )

Let’s roll about laughing hysterically when son-in-law pulls off the new door handle here whilst trying to creep about in the middle of the night (well the girls thought it was funny; the boys were less amused)

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In which I admit it . I mostly hate new things

Another day in which I wear so many different hats that I need more than one head.

A morning of intensive day-job work; then Very Quickly painting the kitchen wall because Trevor’s Monster Fridge is arriving earlier than expected. Congratulations to the boys from BUT for getting this down the street and up our narrow twisty stairs without damage and in ten minutes flat.

It is A++, economical, capacious and necssary. And I hate it. I will hate it till Trevor boxes it in with off-white painted panelling.

Then I scoured the old sink for what seems like the zillionth time because it is Work Sink and we cannot put in the new one until we have done all the messy, staining stuff. Then I dragged these heavy terracotta pipes upstairs to make wine storage in the unused fireplace (we have two in the salon) I do like those. But I am going crazy over all this wiring we have acquired that needs to be concealed somehow.

Trev also knocked off the horrible, old  dirty orangey yellowish  brown kitchen wall  tiles that seem ubiquitous to old French houses. I have even seen sinks in this colour. Why?!

If anyone wants to recycle these, come and get them. OK, OK, so I don’t love EVERYTHING old…..


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Fabriqué en France- les housses de coussin arrivent

Well, a bit later than planned, here are the first of my cushion covers made from old fabrics.

I plan to use at least 50% vintage /recycled fabrics and embroideries on these cushions.

I am offering the option of covers only on etsy to keep postage costs down, but I can supply them with pads for an extra fee!

For more details, see our etsy shop top right.

I currently have stock for cushion covers in a heavy indigo and natural linen ticking stripe, pink on natural linen with mid grey, white linen with pale blue edging and a very old ( indeed antique) natural canvas with the wear and tear of at least a century!

Many will feature these surface mounted gorgeous dentelle zips with aged brass tags sourced here in France. Plus I have two very special needlepoint panels to make up with medieval style “The Lady and the Unicorn” fine detail embroidery; these are based on the tapestries at the-

Musée de Cluny — Musée national du Moyen Âge

see my previous post https://coteetcampagne.wordpress.com/2015/06/11/a-mon-seul-desir/

I have a deep turquoise kimono fabric to make up also.




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