Je suis obsédé par tissu, fils à coudre et passementerie

I cannot imagine that you haven’t noticed this fact.

This is why I need my Giant Vintage Woolwork Sewing  Box/Footstool. See my post-

Selfie with footstool

I decided to edit through this old sewing basket, formerly my mother’s. Not her nice old one brought into her marriage in 1948 (who knows where that one is?! I could speculate….) This one is from the mid 80’s.


I decided just to put the buttons, beads, pins, needles and other “notions” back into this one.

I thought that I had sorted through this basket when I acquired it in 1990. It was heading for the tip when I intercepted it,  as my Father could not bear to keep any of my Mother’s personal bits after her death. The contents of a life were thrown away or spread off to various family members. I won’t follow up on the rest of this story now.

Anyway, I clearly had not looked through it properly before, or I’m even crazier than I thought, because at the bottom of it was something that has solved a 27 year old family mystery…

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Driza bone – or tiling by Tonto

So Trev went to war on the kitchen floor. This certainly looks like “warpaint”

(PC alert- I hope no one is offended)

In fact its the water/dust spray from his serious tile cutter. He says that the brick tiles I have chosen are made of iron .

All tiles cut ready to lay tomorrow. Too late to change my mind again now…!

So he really had no choice but have a shower and hope that my glass mosaics are fully dry . They seem OK.

AND we no longer have a sub-shower leak on the stairs!! RESult. Though now I will have to go back to mopping those damn stairs again.

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Sealing the shower- glass mosaic tiles

Do you remember the issues with the shower on the 2nd floor at the house? It is lined with six large panels of very beautiful silvery grey/blue granite. These are marked with 90 years of limescale but we are hoping to get that cleaner.

I am going to try a hot paste of  bicarbonate of soda. I will let you know!

Anyway, these six panels have little or no sealant left between them and we shower the staircase below everytime we run water in here.

I have these beautiful little irridescent glass mosaic tiles (B & Q UK- I found the receipt, dated 01/12/2009.. HA!) in my favourite palette of lavender, turquoise and pale cobalt)

Trev announced that he was doing NO WORK FOR A WEEK when we arrived on Monday, but I cannot not do stuff so I persuaded him to trim and hand me the new mosaic tiles and to fnd three battens to line them up.

The adhesive and grout we used is “ParexLanko”, pretty freely available in France. Please ignore the one- euro shelves and the grotty taps. We have a shiny new shower assembly with an eco-friendly head that passes the water through small mineral rocks that filter out the limescale and also boosts the power without using more water!

It’s packed up somewhere…

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The Thursday Three – and some thoughts on storage.

I don’t think you have seen these?

The bug lamp, the Art Nouveau copper dustpan, this little painting?

Actually you might be able to help me, I have been looking for a copper handled brush to match the pan, does anyone out there have one going spare? 

So, today we have mostly been thinking about storage; it’s critical .

Romantic ideas about dainty furniture and stylish but un-capacious armoires are being tempered by the reality of storing the trappings of modern life in a French village house where the only historical requirement was a spot to put your cooking pot, sackcloth and ashes!

Before the rest of our effects arrive, we are studying the furniture/cupboard needs in each room in turn.

The cave guest bedroom will get the glamorous hand made armoire, a small dresser and bedside tables. That will be it. The adjoining bathroom will get a floor to ceiling cupboard. The workshop will hold tools and paints etc. We will have a chest freezer dowstair so we won’t need  a freezer the size of Mt Canigou in the kitchen.

The cloaks cupboard will hold all outdoor stuff and footwear. The salon is to sit in, so other than bookshelves , storage in there will be minimal. Kitchen and dining room storage is being built or adapted already.

Trev will build capacious wardrobes in the tulip room and a window seat, cupboard and more bookshelves in the terrace bedroom. There will be some kind of neat under-bed storage. The shower room on second floor already has a big inset cupboard.

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Episode 154- The Big One

I am on the terrace with a large glass of Gamay. Trev is in the shower; I can hear the groans as he unfold the kinks in his back from the long drive.

It would have been a much more onerous trip if we hadn’t been kindly hosted overnight half way down by a blog buddy.

I will of course protect her privacy, but thank you m’dear.

It’s is 19:45 and 31 degrees out here in the Sunny Aude Valleys.

Oh, and there is a Giant Dead Wasp in the shower room.

Watch this space……

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No! No! and Thrice No!!!

It started with my car. I have a ten year old Smart Forfour  and I am very attached to it. It has taken me all over the UK in comfort and economy and squeezes into small parking spaces.

It is also taking us to France at the weekend to be our temporary second car.

It is a bit quirky looking, my ex boss used to refer to it disparagingly as The Tonka Toy.  So it has a lid rather than a bonnet (hood) and it’s got teeny weeny toytown clocks on the dashboard and Trev likes it about as  much as he likes toothache.

I Don’t Care.

So I treated it to a  full valet and polish and it was all spanking and shiny  (bet I get some dodgy hits on that sentence) and it was parked innocently in our Dentist’s car park ( Pre emigrating check)  when some woman reversed into it and drove off. No witnesses. My first dent in a decade !!!

Can I get it fixed before The Big Move? NO!!

Karma will get you, you  Bad Irresponsible Tearaway Car-rammer  H…(best stop now)

Then, unloading the zillionth box to charity shop I dropped my favourite reading glasses in the parking space and didn’t notice till I got home.

Jumped back in car and howled back over to shop just as an Uber taxi reversed comprehensively over them.

These are my LUCKY glasses!

“could have been worse” quoth Trev “you could have been wearing them at the time HAHA!”

Can I get them replaced before The Big Move? NO!

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A brief lull on the crooked path to our great escape

Francetaste, you might want to look away now. I know you want to see the bigger picture but the detail is all I have right now.

I’ve just packed the penultimate box . Or rather repacked a box that had stuff randomly thrown into it the last time we moved! 

It’s a microcosm of my top priorities really; good food, beautiful hand made objects, some hooks to hang all that art and mirrors.

The serious countdown has started

Five, four, three, two, one

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