The house project has been allowed to drift.

This is due to a number of factors, not least a creative/business project  that I started last September and a second project here in our village. img_20190506_104014925607886.jpgAlso, Trevor’s blood thinning drugs had turned him into a permanently tired and grumpy (we call it drug rage around here) old man with a foggy brain who bled profusely from the slightest scratch!

Do not tell me these pernicious drugs do not have mental as well as physical effects.

Anyway, today is gloriously sunny so Bronte and I had great early walk by the river . All the delicate spring flowers are out and in full bloom. The lavender coloured one is a wild clematis that I have successfully taken a cutting from and which is now adorning the terrace.

I know that these wild flowers look better in situ, but I only ever take one or two from strong, proliferous plants and they look good Chez Nous too.

img_20190506_103845964708308.jpgI noticed that these photos have a bit of a shrine vibe. Not intentional I assure you, and some of the family members above are still with us…………….

I have also noticed that one of the many toys that we have bought Bronte, none of which she wants to play with,  has crept into frame.

This one has been christened  “Road Kill Baby” as it is furry, completely flat and without substance.

She has indicated slight interest in this horrible looking creature , so we persist.


Right, back to work on the house now or I might go mad.

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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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14 Responses to Refocus

  1. Bizzy says:

    The yellow is gorgeous. The shrine is charming; I should do one. Honestly, if you didn’t rat yourself out, we’d never know things were other than just fine. Best to Trevor. Meds suck, no question.

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    • It is one of my custom mixes. Looks yellow in some lights, light ochre in others and a kind of warm cream on less sunny days.
      My main room in our UK dream house had walls this shade and I have always loved the effect it gives

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  2. Side effects of drugs…tell me! Some of them have been so awful over the years that Leo now has confidence in chucking them in the bag to return to the hospital pharmacy at the first sign of problems. One was likely to turn him into a zombie!
    I did like Road Kill Baby!
    In the Thatcher years I used to buy a few squeaky Thatcher dog toys on a Friday evening for the pleasure of seeing how fast the terriers could tear her head – or heads – off…wonderful therapy.

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  3. francetaste says:

    Looks very nice. I really like that sconce. All the best to Trevor!

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  4. Ellen A. says:

    Medication side effects can be so irksome, but maybe Trevor’s doctor can adjust the dosage so he’ll feel more like himself. Meanwhile, he is lucky to have you there to cheer him up. You certainly made me laugh with your comments about the “shrine” and “Road Kill Baby,”

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  5. Sorry.. in the last four…


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