In which I consider channelling Madame Récamier

Portrait-of-Madame-RécamierThis is Parisian it-girl Juliette Récamier, born in  1777 and much admired and painted by many, including David & Gérard and even (in spirit) Magritte

Picture above found on –

This lady was  generally depicted draped across a “meridienne”. This is a type of day bed which we English speakers generally call a chaise-longue. Interesting, isn’t it, that we use a French phrase that the French themselves would probably not recognise?

Apart for the appeal of doing nothing more arduous than drape myself languorously over some sort of sofa in the salon, I love many elements of the room in that picture- the rugs, the colours, the paintings, the bookcase, the drapes, the view……….. this interior would look every bit as stylish now as it did then. Timeless.

Now, where can I find a carved black and gold harp?


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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9 Responses to In which I consider channelling Madame Récamier

  1. Colin Bisset says:

    In Australia they pronounce chaise longue as ‘chase lounge’. I feel sick even writing that…

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  2. Osyth says:

    That is my entirely real life depicted on canvass …. No, honestly – it is. In my dreams 😉

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  3. francetaste says:

    No! Not Ikea. I am having a feud with them–they completely botched my kitchen delivery (FOUR TIMES).
    You can do better (in quality and price) on leboncoin. I bet you can even find a harp.


    • My sources are diverse, to say the least.
      Sorry to hear about the botched kitchen delivery- I always say that customer service is, sadly, down to whoever is doing the critical bit of the service provison at that point.
      And some individuals really should not be in a customer service job at all! That said, Vodafone impressed me mightily yesterday


  4. And in Swedish it is schäslong and you can find them today even at IKEA:|a2:se|a3:pla_medium|a4:|a5:|a6:google|cc:915
    Beautiful interior BTW

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