The Curtain Smuggler


Well, you know that I refuse to pay for hold luggage on Ryanair, unless it’s packed with antique textiles.
So, I can pack  a fortnight’s capsule wardrobe and all associated necessities into  a cabin bag AND stay inside the weight limit?
You didn’t? Then go right to the back of the class and read some old posts.

Trev’s bag was substantially under the weight limit, so I sneaked in a very heavy pair of striped cotton canvas curtains for the hall-lette.
They aren’t old, but they feel French Village House so that’s just fine. I did wonder if the metal eyelets glowing on the x-ray machine  might attract the attention  of the very high alert security briefing at Stansted, but no….
To be frank, I was secretly a little disappointed that no one asked him the classic words “did you pack your bag yourself Sir ?” as the stash was revealed.
I was not at all concerned that The Man himself would crack under interrogation, even if they flung open his case and asked him to explain the  eyelets; Trevor does Easter Island Statue Face better than anyone I know.

We arrived at the village on the late train. I opened the shutters, Trev opened his case. He raised a single eyebrow. “Bit bright?” he said.
No other comment.

Ten minutes later he had the music on and was stalking the salon in  a Chinese robe conducting with gusto to Gustav Holst’s The Planets.

And you think I’m the nutter?

About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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8 Responses to The Curtain Smuggler

  1. I got in trouble once for taking the Mickey out of a security guard who thought that I was going to blow up the plane with my tin of golden syrup. I need up having to open it and taste it in front of him (I was then securely glued to my seat for the entire flight). Beautiful curtains – well worth the adrenaline!

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  2. Osyth says:

    Trev is wise to just keep the stone face. A friend of ours who was, several years ago, one of Two Brains Post Doctoral students at Harvard, was travelling out of Boston to probably Germany as she is German. She was asked to unpack her cabin bag and retorted ‘don’t be ridiculous – it’s not as though I’ve got a bomb in there’ no questions just frogmarched to a room where she was chained to a radiator for 12 hours. She was then deported and has never returned. She is now a bigshot at the Observatoire de Paris …. still outspoken, her English husband says the only time he ever sees her compliant is at airport security. Any airport security!

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  3. francetaste says:

    When we first bought our house but didn’t yet live here (or even in France), I left some clothes behind in order to pack very, very little.
    I did a double-take on that top photo on the road to Limoux. So familiar! Have you been to the dinosaur museum in Esperaza yet?

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  4. poshbirdy says:

    Funny, I always get the most thorough rubdowns at Stansted, bordering on full-body massages. Love the idea of Trev bouncing around in a kimono!!

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    • It was odd, loads of extra security but v few pat downs to be had.
      Re robes , mine is kimono shaped but Trev’s, although made of Chinese fabric looks more like Noel Coward’s smoking jacket in style: something one would might wear to a fashionable opium den


  5. Nadia says:

    You must be an amazing packer. I do not manage a weekend away with a cabin bag.


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