The Thursday Three – la chance

IMG_20160716_135031This post was delayed out of respect.

Many, many moons ago (maybe ten years?) I bought this slub silk and velvet cushion just because I liked it. For me, that’s usually sufficient reason to buy anything. Currently, I am trimming down our worldly possessions into two categories-

(a) what we need to survive our remaining time in the UK and (b) what I really , really want in the French house or the apartment.

It’s not been easy to establish list (b) but I am being quite  brutal in my editing and the cushion above got listed on ebay, partly because it was a stand-alone piece and I have other options for the rooms it might have suited in the village house. It didn’t sell first time so I was about to relist it.

Then we went furniture stock hunting and serendipity struck again. In a pile of borderline donations detritus ready to be dumped I saw something very dirty but very familiar.

It was  a filthy soul sister to the cushion above and as it was due to be skipped, they gave it to me.IMG_20160716_131300 A freebie, so if it didn’t wash up nice it’s no loss. It did wash well and as these two were obviously destined to find each other one day , and these are the two principal terrace bedroom colours , that’s where they will go.

Then they got a new friend; 99p on ebay, a silk mat which will make a great cushion front.


Hand rolled silk edging, embroidery and colours  that scream 1920’s. It does have a stain so, I will have to wash it… this space


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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7 Responses to The Thursday Three – la chance

  1. poshbirdy says:

    Sweet. And those colours look perfect for the non-Tulip bedroom


  2. francetaste says:

    Let us know how you get the stain out.

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    • I will; I often machine wash old textiles in a net bag in a delicate wash with no spin. But maybe not this one.
      Problem is, hand washing is inefficent and not always effective , rubbing a stain can do as much damage as a short trip in the washing machine


  3. Osyth says:

    Pillow talk … lovely 🙂

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  4. gabriele says:

    How wonderful. Both the pillows and the way they came together. I remember reading a poem along time ago that began ‘Love, like water, finds its level’….In this case, I would alter it to read
    ‘Beauty, like love, finds its level…’
    Beauty rediscover, redeemed, recreated helps us find a balance in our own lives. I loved the first pillow at first sight and before reading further wondered what purpose you had for it. The rest of the
    story has made my day (and more). Thank you.
    I was wondering if there was a patron saint for interior decorators and came across this article which you may enjoy:
    But there is something similar:
    (c. 628-689)
    St. Benedict Biscop is the patron saint of the Arts: Painters & Musicians; Stained-Glass Makers, English Benedictines, and the City of Sunderland”
    You may also enjoy this:

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