Old Guys Rule- La règle de vieux mecs

My old guy has just gone off to his last computer trouble shoot of 2014. On his way home tonight he will pick up some logs (it’s very, very cold here) and try and track down a bottle of Blanquette de Limoux for a low key toast  to 2015 later.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limoux_wine

This is the sparkling Languedoc wine very similar to Champagne (and created before it’s much more famous brother if the legend is true) old guys rule 2There is a Blanquette winemaker in our French village, but I doubt we will find a bottle here in the UK for the 5 or 6 euros we usually pay there!

We usually alternate between hosting  some friends or popping corks at their place, but this year I feel curiously disinclined to socialise and perhaps, after the hell of 2014, we need to quietly let go of this year and look toward the future together.

We will need to dig deep to get our double French project up and running once more and we are in our worst position financially for twenty years.

What will happen next?…I just don’t know.

My daughter bought this t shirt for Trevor from the “Old Guys Rule”shop

(who knew? what a USP that is !) and on the back it has  a picture of  a flagon of cider and the caption “one of my five a day” which created much amusement on Christmas day.

A Happy New Year to all of you.

The Old Guy and I will see what happens now. Bonne fin d’année

About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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6 Responses to Old Guys Rule- La règle de vieux mecs

  1. Happy new year to you all too. Loving the t-shirt! Hope 2015 is kinder to you all and us! Off to Spain on Tuesday for a week to recharge our batteries whooppeeee. See you soon xx


  2. All the very best for the year ahead. I look forward to reading all about it. G x


  3. I hope you found the wine you wanted to toast in the new year Gill and the logs for the fire that sounds a lovely way to end/start a year! Wishing you all the very best for 2015 – Happy New Year! 🙂


  4. bizzyella says:

    What? A computer trouble shooter? Enough about you. Let’s talk about me! Somebody who could sort out my SFR connection, which is out Again, would be more than welcome here in Paris. If you guys pass through here, pausing for, say half a day, let me know. I could probably handle it myself but I am just so tired of it.

    Apart from that, happy new year to you both. I have my champagne in the frig now and will be toasting all of us silly people who, as a friend never fails to remind me, laughing the whole time, read all of Peter Mayle’s books and still bought houses in the French countryside. I always laugh with him. I can’t say why but I still love the house. I hope your dark days give way to brighter ones in your own lovely home.


    • Thanks, that’s really touched me.
      ( My mother always maintained that I was “touched” but she meant in the sense of mildly deranged)

      I’ll be toasting all deranged French house projects that are not being subsidised by millionaires at midnight and wishing for showers of positive developments to rain down on all of us


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