Friday French Property P**n – two and one

These are the three Pinterest photos that I have looked at the most over the last couple of weeks. I love the decorative frieze on what I presume is a stone chimney piece left and the ceiling treatment

We are constructing a traditional chimney hood in the kitchen & I have, in my stash of architectural antiques, a carved wood panel with a grape and leaf motif which will capture a similar vibe, I hope.

I also love this exquisite little courtyard. This is exactly what we want to have behind the cave. It will form an essential part of our recently developed concept for the whole ground floor to be workshop and gallery/exhibition space for Trev’s refinished furniture, my old decorative pieces, mirrors and recycled home textiles and wall hangings. Maybe  my paintings when I find five minutes…………………?!

These two are very “me” . But I have mixed feelings about the photo below- the ubiquitous repro and reupholstered Louis chairs are not for my particular house but I like many other elements and I LOVE that very simple hand painted motif on the beam/joist over the doorway. It’s stunningly authentic in exceution and if it isn’t an original feature, lovingly uncovered, it certainly feels authentic within this space. It is certainly inspiring the way I will embellish the plastered beam in our salon at the Campagne village house.

These are the colours of the raised plaster stencil motifs I created around the salon window and to me it justifies my decision to run with these ochre/terracotta/faded red paints

stucco stencil

mettre en valeur

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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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11 Responses to Friday French Property P**n – two and one

  1. francetaste says:

    The first two are gorgeous. The third seems to have cheapo parquet flottant, which sticks out like a sore thumb.
    A tiny courtyard with plenty of greenery is perfect. Not too much work, as a whole garden would be. A little outdoor respite.

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  2. Chris says:

    I love everything

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  3. Lynda says:

    The little courtyard garden is perfection! I can’t wait to see yours when it happens.

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    • it’s only about 10sqm so there is only so much I can do with it, and this seems right.
      It leads off the cave via French doors and would be a great place to sit out with our potential customers and have a chat and a cup of tea/coffee/wine….

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  4. Osyth says:

    So! Snap to the chimney hood …. I have spent a long time contemplating what to do with my existing cheminé monumentale with rather unfortunate nasty wood mantel that we tore off in the spring. I recently started obsessing about making a hood. I have yet to source the ideal carved piece to centre it on. It may take a lifetime, but if its right it is worth the wait. The courtyard reminds me very much of the garden a Dutch artist friend and her gardener partner (who subsequently left her and became a full Buddhist Monk) made in Petit France, London. It is the best use of a tiny walled space I have ever sat in … so tranquil and green and yet full of light from above. And in Central London. Yours will be idyllic. As for the last picture – the thing is that so often it’s tiny details in a whole that grab us and in the oddest ways … I am currently restraining myself from grabbing a beautiful late 19th Century spoon backed boudoir chaise in les Antiquaires here which has been upholstered in tangerine velvet. I am not normally orange and yet this piece sings and clings to my heart. I may yet (but don’t tell The Brains 😉) … and the detail on that beam is fantastic. The open timbers too much for me, maybe but in the right space who knows … isn’t it exciting? So much still ahead for we fools that want to rescue the simple and honest neglected hearts of France xx

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  5. Bizzy says:

    That little courtyard is fabulous, as is your new plan for the ground floor. I can’t wait to see the changes.


  6. I love all these. I have oak beams in my barn bedroom and like the idea of the stencil motif. I wonder if it would work cream on the oak as I just want to wax the beams as they are quite light golden already. In the main hall they are dark and need some lightening. What paint would you recommend for beams.


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