Restore, recycle, reuse, relook it, relove it

I have been blog-chatting with JP at where he and his wife have been musing on restoring features at their medieval village house ( also in the Aude) and perhaps commissioning replacement features.

JP has what looks like a very beautiful, original shaped stone window surround, historically blocked up, and is considering the possibility of having a stained glass panel in this. See his blog entry 26/01/2017 (link above).

This made me think about the house below right that we viewed before buying ours.medieval-window-france

Although this little house in Brenac was way too small and dark for us, it did have this wonderful feature in the living room- a beautiful little arched, stained glass window to the rear.

Can you see it? So, you have your precedent JP! Not that you need my permission of course!

I am very happy to see that JP is also recycling much of the wood and tiles found in his house. We are also recycling everything with any age and merit that we possibly can.

terrazzo skirtingsApart from broken 20thc glass and formica and some sapele 60’s doors, we have thrown nothing away so far. terrazzo skirting terrace bedroom

These terrazzo skirting panels from the tulip room left –will go into the terrace bedroom-right.

Also, these old, very long  hard wood joists formerly supporting the ceiling in the tulip room (which will now be exposed to the roof) will be perfect for another project Chez Nous.

hard wood joists franceimg_20160531_193635.jpg

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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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12 Responses to Restore, recycle, reuse, relook it, relove it

  1. Osyth says:

    We wanted to replaced the nasty cellophane coloured glass which features on the ‘not front door’ (explanation down the line) and over the kitchen door … my husband is actually quite a skilled stained glass artist on the quiet – but the Historic Monuments man said that we have to replace with clear glass since stained glass would not be correct for the age of the house. I feel like taking your piece and sticking it on his desk and asking how he explains it!! I will, of course get my own way at some point its just a question of more than one way to skin a cat …. 🐱

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    • I actually think now that we are lucky not to to be under auspices of Batiments de France or any historical monuments restrictions, despite the village’s history and significance.
      This is Campagne- sur-Aude for you. They are so insouciant and blase about their village and it’s history !
      Any enquiry as to what we can and cannot do Chez Nous is greeted with a Gallic Shrug

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      • Osyth says:

        Bâtiments de France is a double edged sword. I am going to do battle on a couple of issues which the Architect for the département decreed on and I am certain he has gotten it wrong. Slowly slowly catchee monkey as I keep reminding myself. For now we are concentrating on the interior which they have no interest in (though some of the things we have discovered might make them think again so I don’t want to have them sniffing around for the mo in case they decide to list inside as well!).

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      • No, avoid the sniffers like the plague!!

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      • Osyth says:

        👃 👃 👃!!!

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    • I love that your husband is a secret stained glass artist!
      I hope JP gets his permissions for his medieval style stained glass window, but it’s not certain he will.
      That’s why I sent him the example as a precedent as he is in the same department as us and the little house we viewed.
      Although the house was very simple, rough and rustic, that little window was a lovely feature.
      If I remember rightly, the house also sported a chocolate brown bathroom suite………………….aarrgghh

      I want one in the panel between shower room and tulip bedroom.
      Could you put in or open up an internal glazed window/panel and have that in stained glass? would look lovely with the light coming through it.

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      • Osyth says:

        We can do what we like inside so we certainly could and it’s a good thought. We are working out the footprints now for the ground and first floors so I will put forward that suggestion. It think it would be rude not to have some of his glass in the mix!

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  2. Reblogged this on husifrankrike and commented:
    Our British blogger friends once again encourage us on our journey towards a sustainably and historically restored house in Peyriac

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  3. francetaste says:

    It’s always so sad to see windows blocked up. What were they thinking?
    Stained glass would be amazing.
    Good for you to find a way to reuse that terrazzo!

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