Pimp my hovel

Well, we finally nailed the colours for the outside render and the shutters.

So, taking advantage of the late Autumn sunshine, the Trevoracle started sanding down the flaky doors.


Aren’t those layers of colour beautiful? Yes they are . Shall we just leave this shabby chic design statement like this? No. I want this new paint job to last so we won’t be taking the romantic option here.

What colours did we finally agree on? I flirted with duck egg blue render and cream shutters and window surrounds (looks lovely on a house in Quillan)  Also Roussillon terracotta with cream  or green woodwork.Roussillon-Typical-street

No, too bright for the rue.  Although we have no historial colour palette restrictions to honour, we do have to harmonise with the rest of the street and honour our commitment to makng this place finally look like a cute old village house  . So we have chosen.

Watch this space.

Meanwhile I was highly amused by this product. I am evading housework. Not because I’m naturally mucky, I’m not, but three jobs and the revival of the building work is a tad hardgoing. I have cobwebs.

About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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8 Responses to Pimp my hovel

  1. I just got my house painted! And what a relief since overnight lows are going below freezing this weekend. I pulled off getting the brick to look presentable unpainted, so that’s my concession to blending in. Otherwise I painted the wood trim in colors that I think are more historically sympathetic than any other house on the block. (You’re lucky that your rue does not have an aluminum siding problem.)

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  2. francetaste says:

    At our house, we were able to choose the colors we wanted, and so the mint green shutters turned blue (my husband HATES green and LOVES blue). However, our AirBnBs in Carcassonne are historically protected and the historical folks got to decide the color of the INTERIOR shutters and window frames. So what was a lovely beige palette was confronted with RAL7035, which just made the beige look dingy instead of warm. SO FRUSTRATING.
    I eagerly await your reveal!!!!

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  3. Ellen A. says:

    Evasion – or as my dear grandmother used to call it, “a lick and a promise.”
    Can’t wait to see your outside colors!

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