Just-in time….


I deeply regret writing the last line of the last post.

Have you seen the news from the Aude?

On Sunday night, the rains came, and they came, and they came. The noise on our roof was terrifying. I could not sleep, but at least we were safe.

The Aude is on red alert still and shut down completely in places.

Yesterday was a tragic tale of starting the huge clear up whilst counting the human costs of this weather “event” that resulted in severe inundation of both the recognised “flood” plains and higher areas, literally destroying vehicles and villages and bridges and railway lines and roads and homes and businesses.

Tragic loss of life ( Possibly twelve dead and many more missing). It has now been confirmed that the parents of the first victim of the Trebes attack six months ago Trebes tragedy Aude floods were amongst the dead.

There are no words, in French or English.

We know how lucky we are to be intact, with no damage other than a few slipped roof tiles.

I suspect we would have had a flooded courtyard and cave if Justin had not finished the new guttering at the back of the house only last week (the new stuff on right of picture)

The water pattern is easy to trace today.


At the end of our street, the river, though about half a metre lower than yesterday morning, is still alarmingly close to the top of the bank. Choked with debris, some of which is too frightening to dwell on.

Wolf Princess tippy-toes, aka Brontë, waited it out under the bed. She believes we can protect her from anything
Her faith is touching. If I had a coherent faith of any kind, I would be praying today for all those souls not merely touched but torn apart by this.


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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11 Responses to Just-in time….

  1. Lynda says:

    Tragic news. You are my first word on this.


  2. Ellen A. says:

    Of course I meant to say Bronte, but the Great Word Corrector thought I must mean “Bronze.” No culture!

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  3. Glad that you are safe…but what a disaster, both for the families of those whop perished and all those who have lost everything.
    I hope that state aid comes swiftly and is effective.

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    • The response so far from local and national government departments seems supportive and local folk have rallied around offering accommodation, transport, clothing, toys, practical help (structural, repairs, making heating systems and electrics safe etc)
      It is interesting how these dreadful events bring out the best in most people.
      It is, however, sad that it takes a tragedy to force folk out of their tight little orbits.

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      • We had a hurricane here last year and it was wonderful to see how the national emergency service reacted so quickly, rescuing both people and animals, and how rapidly new housing has been provided,
        People everywhere were involved….local collection points were set up and big and small firms lent their lorries to ferry the goods to where it was needed.
        Floods this year on the Pacific coast…and once again the system rolls into action backed by local efforts…
        People are basically decent, as is shown by what locals are doing in the Aude…a pity our societies take the initiative away from us in so many spheres.

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  4. Ellen A. says:

    So glad to hear you are all safe. I was thinking of you and Taste of France when we saw the horrific news. Bronze is so lucky to have you.

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  5. Nadia says:

    So glad you are safe and sound.


  6. Chris says:

    We have been watching the news it is just terrible. So glad that you are O.K

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