Hiding an eyesore. The surface mounted debate

salon – kitchen walkway

I know why old French houses have surface mounted pipes and wires.

It’s far easier and therefore cheaper to install your plumbing, electrics, drainage etc if you don’t chase out those thick stone walls to conceal these modern “neccessities”.

It is one of the basic “old house” issues. Do you or don’t you?

We paid our Electrician extra to hide our wiring. I am very glad we did. There is a distinct line between a simple and sympathetic, modest restoration and living with a complete eyesore; Some can live with looking at their pipes. Their choice.

I have established that I cannot live with pipes on show (except, bizarrely, the copper pipes in the shower room) End of.

We have more to hide than most, of course.There was only one solution to bringing down waste from the second floor. It has been necessary to rework almost all the spaces in this patchwork hovel that was never designed for living. We have much to conceal.

Trev was working on this project of designing a panel over the salon-kitchen walkway. It’s all his own work. I just lightly knocked it back. Note his use of the classic diamond motif so prevalent here. All waxed up now. Very pleased I am.





Made from recycled or scrap and “imperfect”  wood. Our wood-pile has reduced considerably this year and I anticipate virtually no waste or stuff to dump when we are done. New or old.


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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13 Responses to Hiding an eyesore. The surface mounted debate

  1. Lynda says:

    Beautiful work!

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  2. Carolyn says:

    An excellent way to make a feature for your home! What a great idea

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  3. You could make that *The Feature* of your house.

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  4. The diamond panelling is fab and even more satisfying having used recycled wood. 👍

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  5. Bev says:

    Looks great 🙂

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  6. francetaste says:

    Love the diamonds!
    Sometimes there are ways to hide the pipes and such. We also hid the wiring, which was very complicated in walls made of stones 50 cm thick.
    Do you know the blog “Manhattan Nest”? Another restorer who obsessively uses salvaged materials. Very different style, charmingly written.

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  7. Chris says:

    Wow, excellent work

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