The Terrace Bedroom- La Chambre Terrasse

Never let anyone tell you that you can do nothing with a room 2.3 metres wide and five metres long, except perhaps turning it into a bathroom.

Remember this painted door from an earlier post? That’s on the other side of this room-left and below


The wall above -before photo- is now virtually all glass with French doors to terrace.

The placing of the 110 year old light fitting and slightly younger (but not much) glass shade took Trevor longer to mount successfuly yesterday that it took me to mount the canopy and drape the Chinese faux silk satin panels

Source book- Panels- vintage buy from 1) The Pier and 2) ebay (seven years apart)

Canopy- kitchen batterie de cuisine painted

Wall sconce- bought from Campagne-sur-Aude vide-grenier from stall being hosted by our Mayor.

Circular embroideries worked on the same basic transfer design in 1920’s and 1930’s, but in totally different styles and shades 1) ebay and 2) junk shop (eight years apart).

Florentine miniature flower paintings- inexpensive souvenir stuff, basically, but they are proudly signed and rather lovely.

1920’s Barbola mirror – charity shop in UK










Difficult to sleep in here until the novelty wears off; i.e.novelty of light fitting being connected and novelty of one of our rooms at the French village house actually looking nice (in parts)

I lie awake admiring it.


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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21 Responses to The Terrace Bedroom- La Chambre Terrasse

  1. francetaste says:

    I also am in awe of how you find matching items years apart. It shows you have a true north in terms of taste.
    82 square meters isn’t shabby already; when you get the rest done, your place will feel palatial.

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  2. poshbirdy says:

    Beautiful. It’s a very calming room and the proportions work so well. The terrace just adds that extra dimension as well

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  3. Looks great. Well done!


  4. Chris says:

    Gorgeous well done

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  5. gabriele says:

    I echo the compliments on the wall colors. Beautifully done both concept and implementation. It feels welcoming…and perhaps a proprietary relationship with everything else:
    “Madame Le Mur présente sa collection de belles indulgences et délices”
    And she maintains order so that no one piece or pair can claim to be the absolute focal point of the room.
    I imagine the mirrors give the room a sense of being larger as well as conveying the outside light around from place to place.
    Even if I weren’t a fabric junky I would have to exclaim over the flounce un-silk silk thought it may be. (although I think self-respecting silk worms would have been happy to sacrifice themselves if they knew their beauty would live on in this room–haven’t gotten yet to the loopy state of imagining silk worms with halos cooing to each other about ‘their flounce’).
    Having stayed in a number of rather old (several hundred years) houses (properly re-plumbed and wired) I know the room isn’t really THAT small, it’s just in relationship to what we have now. Think of the paintings where beds are short and people sleep half-sitting up. And even without the Napoleonic wars, the people were smaller…
    Side story: I rented a house (makes it sound grand, they usually weren’t, just nice old places, real gites) and I was being shown the bedroom (huge, too big actually I think they’d put two together).
    There was a prie-dieu, the country type with the woven straw seat. They had placed a not-too-pleasing definitely not antique doll on it where it stared at the bed (it was put in the drawer where it couldn’t look at us). The woman said ‘yes, isn’t it charming. You’d wonder why they cut the legs off so much but some people had very short legs. I’ve seen children’s chairs and these are not children’s chairs.’
    The phrase has become a private joke with my travelling friend…when something is not what it claims to be (esp in restos).
    I hope what you have brought together in the Petit Chambre gives you both very pleasant dreams when sleeping and much enjoyment when awake.

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    • Thank you.
      What a lovely (and rather amusing comment)
      We didn’t think of that room as particularly tiny, and the French often used to push the bed alongside the wall , but a lot of folk’s perspective on the actual space at our house is down to two obvious factors- a) the fact we have no halls/ landings because the staircases rise into each room and b) because the ground floors still a totally unfinished building site. So the perception of this RDC is that it is not part of the habitable space. It will be of course and will house the largest bedroom .
      So, basically, the perception is that the house consists only of the two semi finished floors which total only about 82sqm


  6. How charming! The colours yo chose look perfect. I’ve always loved little rooms. There’s something that makes them feel safe and comforting.

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    • It is comforting, a cosy and chic little nest. And if we want to expand, we throw open the doors to our cute little terrace with mountain views!

      Thanks for your comments re colours; I was channelling a 1920’s French vibe ( before Art Deco swamped everything in stronger shades and blocky, geometric frenzy)
      I mixed up the wall colours myself as I couldn’t find what I wanted on any paint chart

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      • I’ve meaning to ask, how well does Etsy work for you? I’m on GoAntiques, but the amount of views and sales has dropped dramatically in the past couple of years.

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      • We find we get a better class (yes I read your last post)! of customer who won’t quibble about prices or delivery charges.
        It did take a little while to get going in UK and there was a big gap before we started listing stuff here, but interest is picking up. I have had my best ever views this week


  7. Osyth says:

    A veritable upcycling, foraging, repurposing treasure trove of glorious triumph. What you have achieved is miraculous and stylicious. Honestly you should both be SO proud of this result. I love it 💝

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  8. Ellen A. says:

    Beautiful soft colors and complementary treasures. I am always amazed to hear how you find a “match” for a special piece, often years apart. You must have a photographic memory. How very nice to be able to step onto a terrace too! Well done in this narrow guest space!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s Trev favourite room and, although we will have a choice of three bedrooms eventually, I expect we will spend most time in here. So , don’t worry about the dimensions of your tiny house !!

      BTW Trev has read Joseph’s book and he described it as ” a rollicking ride of a read; well researched and extremely well written”


      • Ellen A. says:

        Oh, yes, I think any room with a terrace would be my favorite too. So glad to hear that Trevor liked “The Paris Plot.” If he has an Amazon account, perhaps he could post a short review? I know Joseph would be delighted.
        So encouraged to see your place coming together with your magic touch!

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      • Trev has tried to post Amazon review but as yet cannot work out how to do it!!!


  9. Bev says:

    Looking beautiful and I can attest it is even lovlier in person 🙂

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