Lovely building for sale in Limoux

Here is a business opportunity (G & D?)

Lovely stone building with historic bones and large two storey space atop a former restaurant/cafe on the corner of the beautiful main square in Limoux, Occitanie, France.

I cannot confirm if it is being sold as one building, the restaurant may have been sublet or separated; but it’s a private sale and worth a look.

Home? business? holiday lets?



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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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17 Responses to Lovely building for sale in Limoux

  1. Gil Milligan says:

    The restaurant at the bottom of the building is separate to the 2 floors above which are accessed from Rue Jean Jaures. The restaurant part of the building is not owned by anyone to do with the restaurant, they rent it. We own the top 2 floors and the fact that you have looked and tried to find this property is the reason we are so disappointed with Estate Agents. Anyone interested please get in touch with us. We did do a total renovation of the exterior collumbage and replaced the roof. We also gutted the top level and replaced the floor with a special insulation and isolation floor. Then things changed for us. This building is open to so many possibilities we have not continued so a new buyer could either make it into 2 very nice 2 bed apartments or or combine the whole thing and make a wonderful living area on the top with bedrooms below. The top level could have a mezzanine floor also with the way we have left the beams. As a business opportunity you could make studio flats or even lots of rooms for renting. Anyone interested please get in touch.

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    • Thanks Gil

      I hope you don’t mind me featuring your property?

      It’s such a beautiful building in a beautiful place and I put it on the blog because many of my followers are looking for business opportunities in France.

      I hope you sell it to a deserving buyer.
      And I know all about things “changing”. Been there !!


      • Gil Milligan says:

        Don’t mind at all. As I said you did a better feature than the estate agent. I would love to see the work finished. We are not disappointed we started the work as we feel it is our gift to Limoux, at town that has treated us well. Now it needs someone to take it to the next stage. Thank you

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  2. Barlow says:

    This is on bac immobilier Limoux you can buy the two flats separately or together .
    It’s owned by an English couple .
    The restaurant is a completely seperate building owned by the hotelier


  3. gabriele says: The resto is owned by the same people who own Hotel Moderne et Pigeon They also own the pizza place at #12 (the address for La Tantina is #14 Place de la Republique.
    The access to the upstairs seems to be from the side street, #1 rue Jean Jaures. It must be a very private sale, can’t find anything online even using only French search terms.
    This is a website which gives information on businesses, in this case, La Tantina. You could probably look up others.
    If the owners of Hotel Moderne et Pigeon have decided they’ve overreached themselves, they probably wouldn’t want to advertise it. Could also be a family matter (which is NOT to be made public).
    I did try looking for commercial buildings, both domicile and commerce and nothing came up to even allow a price estimate. Of course local agents might not be the ones to handle it.
    But in looking, there’s a photo from your blog (a photo from this post)…and then three more and then one of your etsy tables…(grey…)
    Limoux is such a premium tourism location, I doubt the building is for sale, and if it is, it would not be a bargain. Even with possible travel difficulties from the UK, the Aude is popular with other nationalities and the Limoux Carnival become more well known every year and more people return.
    I’ve bought a lot of things from and I’ve noticed the reviews often contain the phrase “tres serieux”…in other words, they don’t like people who waste their time.
    The sellers would expect potential buyers to have done research and be prepared not just to make an offer but to prove they have financing.
    And the shutters being closed doesn’t mean the place isn’t occupied, if it’s a warm day they’ll be open at night for the cool air and closed in the morning to keep the cool in. And if it’s a busy market day, shutters may be closed to shut out the noise. And if the weather isn’t friendly, then the shutters will keep the warmth in and the drafts out.
    Good luck and happy hunting!

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    • Not interested personally and I am not out to influence any potential buyers but is a good building in a great spot.
      And the small for sale sign is typical for a private sale for family reasons I think.
      There are broken windows which are not properly boarded up and I am quite sure it is unoccupied.

      Thanks for the info


      • gabriele says:

        I was going on the photos online which didn’t show broken windows, etc.
        Could have been a death in the family and the building being sold to settle THE WILL (France does have rather arcane inheritance provisions…). I’m sure you’ve been to and enjoyed Esperaza, it might be a place for your friends to consider also. There is a small but active English (& associates) community there. To get an insight into the goings-on, there’s a blog
        I know they have a great market and people are friendly.

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    • francetaste says:

      That makes it the same family as Chez Tantine in Carcassonne. Lovely place. They seem quite on the ball and good at renovating old places.

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  4. bizzyella says:

    Augh! My zoom is fuzzy! What is the number?

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  5. You’re right. From the look of it and what you say, that would be perfect for me and Damon. 🧀🍷

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