The door stalker

So, dear readers and loyal blog-buddies, you know that I like a bargain; and the bestest bargain is a freebie. Recycle, Re-use, Restore, Repurpose.

Just after we arrived in France last month we noticed these three doors/windows stacked against an empty  house in the impasse opposite. We also noticed a stack of old stuff heaped up at the end of the other impasse between us and the river. We had no idea who had dumped it, but our neighbour explained that on the first Tuesday of each month the Mayors’ boys pick up your bigger trash.

Yes , of course I rooted through the junk, but there was nothing of interest to me; I still kept passing these lonely, abandoned doors though and thinking what I could do if I got my hands on them. Then AFTER this month’s junk pick up, these suddenly appeared across the street on the dumping ground. I was on the way to the street bin at the time so I just yelled up at Trev in the salon “DOORS!!”. He had no idea (as usual) what I was squeaking about so I just grabbed them (boy are they heavy) and heaved them into the cave.

Lovely old, worn, distressed harwood. A picture was forming of potential deep new corner storage wardrobe in Tulip bedroom. Take out the glass and replace with light fabric, voile, muslin, lace etc….aiding air circulation in the steamy South of France


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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16 Responses to The door stalker

  1. Lynda says:

    I love these old doors and I especially like the handles with the long locking pins. I would take those handles and pins off your hands in a heartbeat if you didn’t want them. 🙂 I often see good “trash” on the side of the road here in Alabama. I always want to stop and take it home with me. However, if Bob is driving he will just push the gas pedal a bit harder and whiz on by. Recently, I actually got him to stop and help me put an old door into the back of the truck… I was STUNNED! I have a couple of finds ahead of it that need fixing, but that door is going to be awesome in its next life I can just tell.

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    • Yes, I love those handles too, my favourite bit. I have asked Trev if we can fix it so they are on the outside. Apparently hinges are on TOTALLY wrong side for that.
      Trev is rolling his eyes. Just suggested that he starts a sympathy blog for husband’s and partners of renovation stress-witches. Sounds like a much needed service to me

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  2. poshbirdy says:

    They’re just the ticket, Gill. I don’t understand how people can chuck out stuff like this (but you know that!) x

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  3. Chris says:

    Brilliant ideas


  4. francetaste says:

    When I lived in Africa, I threw away a pair of flipflops that had broken. “Throwing away” there meant tossing onto the small garbage pit that served half a dozen houses. A few days later, my flipflops were next to my door, mended by hand (of course). My “milk boy,” who brought me fresh milk still warm from the cow every morning, had seen them and thought them far too valuable to just throw away.
    We are so wasteful.
    Thank you, dear Gil, for seeing the possibilities in these doors and the beauty in their patina. Oh, that more people had your gift (sense?).

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  5. MELewis says:

    Love that joy in found gold. Keep it coming!

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  6. Osyth says:

    Kismet. The kismet of it is just a joy. As will be the finished result which I shall be delighted to see when you reveal it. Nothing, but nothing is better than free!

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  7. I can totally relate to trash-picking doors to reuse for such a sensible thing. In fact, I at one point had a half dozen doors that I took for no good reason other than to save them from a landfill, and I gave them all away in the end. Look especially at the last set here… I carried them home in the rain, gave them to a friend after I had no use for them, then she gave them to a friend who gave them back, and then a friend of mine who lives right next to the people who threw them away in the first place took them. It would have been fun to use them but at least I’ll get to see them again.


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