Episode 155- Chez Nous le dimanche

The reality of being here in France, and not having to fill every waking day with work on the house because we go back to the UK tomorrow, is kicking in.

Little milestones (we will have been here a month on Thursday)  and the luxury of doing nothing on a Sunday.

Well Trev did nothing but teach himself Facebook  (I can now have video chats with my family) and lie on the terrace semi-snoozing. I can relax, but I am always thinking of stuff to do next so I got the sewing basket out and started on some hand sewing tasks.

These cushions probably epitomise my  mad mix and don’t match approach to my textile projects. The cushions are relatively new; I liked the striped linen but not the hideous motifs on the front panel.  So I sewed on these little heraldic style mats which are around 100 years old and are edged in  a classic gimp with a fine metallic thread woven through it.Great juxtaposition I think.

I have just opened a big box of vintage scraps of fabric and trimmings so the cushion cover production line will soon be up and running. Each will be entirely unique.

The dyed antique cotton lace was added a while back; the broken toe post for those of you who have actually been paying attention………..


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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20 Responses to Episode 155- Chez Nous le dimanche

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Your cushions look great. We never stop working on our house when in France. I dream creating something from the linens that I’ve picked up here and there, but unfortunately after quite a few years, we’re still at he stage of making the house habitable. Each year I think we’ll make the mark, but as soon as we finish one major task, a new one appears.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Good work on the cushions. We too spend most waking moments when we are at the house in Italy working on improvements. We keep saying that once we finish we will travel more and experience more of the delights of Italy. Wonder if that time will ever come? Think a house is never really finished because we are never finished dreaming…….

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    • That’s very true. We talk about exploring more of France, Spain and Italy now they are all on our doorsteps; but when?
      It’s is true though that now we have actually moved here, we feel less stressed about getting stuff done and are achieving big leaps forward


  3. francetaste says:

    Cushion covers with magnificent, unique fabrics are a wonderful idea. I am sure you will be swamped with orders.

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  4. Osyth says:

    I wondered when the reality would hit you. For me it was different …. the moment hit as we were endlessly driving through the flat-lands in the North and the sun rose and I suddenly realised I had moved to France. Forever. I had brought everything I owned to this appart I was heading to and I experienced this immense rush of adrenaline. I still feel that way. That’s me. You are you and you are doing what you do and quite beautifully … those cushions are fabulous. Get that production line running – this move is going to be SUCH a success in every way. And that makes me happy 😊

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  5. bizzyella says:

    Osyth is right. Cushions/covers like that would make a great addition to the Etsy wares, plus, when I go to the antiques fairs, I see less fabric — and much less transformed fabric — than I do furniture. Those are charming and I could use a few cushions right now….

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    • I will have some out there within next few weeks.
      I have a good stock of fabric, including vintage dress fabrics which are often overlooked by the antiquing vultures.
      I have cotton, linen, wool tweed, ethnic embroidered fabrics which are nice as small accent rather than all over overkill.
      I have hemp/burlap and glazed cotton pictorial panels.
      I would offer a choice of synthetic or feather pads with the covers but that would seriously bump up the postage

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      • bizzyella says:

        Inexpensive cushions are available through Amazon and Prime makes for free shipping. They are fairly decent quality, too, so you can safely send buyers there. As for the rest, yummy. Can’t wait!

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      • Yes, I will make to standard filler sizes so folk can easily buy the pads. Nothing more frustrating than a gorgeous cushion cover in a weird size


  6. poshbirdy says:

    They look great. Glad you’re getting the benefits of your labours now. See you soon, I hope … x

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