Cold feet – and why just a few square metres of flooring is giving me another hovel related headache

571ea2893b094aab4e712134f7234d1bWhy do these small decisions choke up the narrative on these projects? The biggest decision is what property to buy, everything else after is relatively less onerous ; Right?

Wrong! – and I am still “sweating the small stuff” here. Latest quandary , small area of floor deliberately left free around and under cooking area and sink when we laid new wood floor in kitchen.

I have this problem; sometimes I see something that I desperately love and desperately want in our house. Then I have to work out where it fits

I love these old chequerboard black and dirty white floors. above left- I can’t fit one into the French house. End off. Kiss that idea a sad goodbye….

Other options are-

small travertine tiles (mmm, maybe)

brick in herringbone pattern (not that Aude-ish)5cbb4054dc4743a8bb43a8b9f4117055

reclaimed tomettes to echo the bit we still have between kitchen and salon (stupid money these days)


8_Travertine_Walnut_Natural_Stone_Kitchen_Bathroom_Floor_Tiles_terre cuite









I like cement in some application too, why not? It’s been used for centuries and the idea-below- to set it into old plank floors is quite cool


Something Else? suggestions welcome







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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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34 Responses to Cold feet – and why just a few square metres of flooring is giving me another hovel related headache

  1. gabriele says:

    Something in me says tomettes….there are so many places online in France where items “occasion” (used) are for sale. Here are some links to give you an idea of what might be out there, and for how much:×16
    French eBay has a section for posts by individuals which aren’t handled by eBay but I’ve never figured out how to navigate that section.
    I thought the links might be useful for others looking of ‘occasion’ items
    And for those confronted by the Brexit monster, please know that so many people who love the UK are so opposed to the ‘B’ word. One hopes that the challenges to it succeed. And those who love France and appreciate all the expats who make visiting there more enjoyable, more welcoming, it’s a double-dose of nastiness from people who don’t know a good thing when they had it.
    At least someone is thinking about positive options.


    • Thanks for the positive thoughts.
      Re picking up some tomettes, we have looked at a number of sources locally where we might pick up some relatively undamaged ones for a reasonable price ( I object in principle and in budget to paying sky high postage and/or crazy prices for architectural salvage) but its also a question of being around in France at just the right time when exactly the right stuff comes up for sale; Basically we are not around long enough on each visit to France to locate and buy.


  2. bizzyella says:

    I like the fishscale tomettes. If the floor is right against whitewashed wood, though, I’d look at the gray and white patterned tile at Leroy Merlin. I think it’s ceramic tile, though it resembles cement. It would be practical and would neither contrast too much nor try to match the wood flooring.


  3. When in doubt live with the subfloor until you find something

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  4. MELewis says:

    I vote for the herringbone! It may not be typical but it is beautiful.

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  5. Osyth says:

    I’ll be your leboncoin monitor when I’m in France (13th December til mid July) if you like …. we have things we are searching for too so it wouldn’t be difficult for me. I actually love that fishscaled concrete too …. and boy would I love to use the black and dirty white in ours …. might be possible but first I have to see what’s underneath the wretch of a downstairs floor that the buffoon laid! Let me know about my offer …. I’d be happy to help

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  6. Ellen A. says:

    I like those square tiles in faded colors. Not sure what color wood you have abutting, or just how big an area you need to fill, but maybe you could do cream tiles with little black diamond shapes at each corner, or consider some decorative cement tiles, if you don’t think they would be too busy against your cabinets.


  7. Nadia says:

    Personally, I love the look of reclaimed tommettes. Nothing like using something that has a history and a past.


    • I completely agree, and we are trying to use the old where we can. If I could find some tommettes that aren’t silly money we might

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      • francetaste says:

        Look on the boncoin. We got some fairly cheap rectangular tomettes for our terrace.
        For other tiles, check out Tot Ceramica near Leclerc.
        I love the checkerboard, too. But it needs to be a whole room, not just a small part.
        I also like your travertine.


      • Doing that when we are not actually in the country is the difficulty. You can guarantee that when we ARE in France there is nothing going that I want!!
        And I agree re chequerboard, and I haven’t a spare room to do out that way now, so I was just venting the contents of my head


  8. poshbirdy says:

    Love that cement scale against the boards. You can’t go wrong with a repeated scale pattern, as far as I am concerned


  9. All good options. I hear there were some tomettes going free from the old ‘chateau’ in Rouvenac – worth a look to see if any left?


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