The Wednesday One- Selfie with Footstool

img_20160913_185335It’s been a Trying Week and it’s only Wednesday!

I won’t tempt cruel fate by postulating that the only way is up, but I really need a boost today.

So. we picked up a repro mahogany demi-lune table for a makeover and found a great new source, Nathan, who buys and sells all sorts of stuff.

He had this absolute gem tucked away unwanted & unloved on a high shelf at the back of his warehouse.

We have been looking for a foot stool/ spare seat for the salon at the French village house and I never expected to find something so perfect. Wonderful woolwork on canvas (Berlin work if we are being technical) Doubles as a work/sewing box. Lined in silk satin (only slightly shredded) with a padded pincushion.Little ball feet.

I could easily sell it for mega-bucks, so rare, so pretty.  Business head would turn this into a profit,  but I NEED this. I really, really do.

img_20160913_185359img_20160913_185744Pretty clean and good on the sides with a little  fraying I can fix and , hopefully, the grubby top will steam-clean up. Even Trev NEARLY likes it!!

I have been hugging it, mostly. If you understand that, then you understand me.

Don’t zoom in, you’ll regret it.







Trust me…..


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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20 Responses to The Wednesday One- Selfie with Footstool

  1. anne-marie says:

    I’m loving the blog! you are an excellent writer x

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  2. poshbirdy says:

    Oh you look so happy cuddling it! I must admit, I thought it was smaller until I saw you in the photo for scale. Well found!

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    • Mildly deranged you mean, and you can say it; that’s how Trev described my demeanour on the photo.
      It’s made to looks like a giant workbox…. about 18″ across and certainly big enough to sit on, though maybe not for the men??!!
      The work on it is just incredible


  3. gabriele says:

    I think with every little bit of beauty you rescue, you are renewing a private part of yourself. Have to trust your instincts. On the first part of the post, it’s Mercury retrograde and things turn everyway but the way they’re supposed to go during such periods. Electricals, communications, short trips are the most affected. My favorite astrologer is from the UK, sends out free monthly forecasts Mercury goes direct Sept 22 but takes a while to get going again.
    And congrats on finding a new, good source.


  4. Osyth says:

    Treasure indeed …. So, so pretty!

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  5. francetaste says:

    I love it. Wow.
    Do you have a big steam cleaner or a small one? May I ask the brand/size etc. and whether you like it? Am in the market.

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    • No, just a small cheap, light Pifco one that adapts from upright to handheld. It’s my best buy housework wise and it’s also a gentle way of cleaning old textiles without chemicals or risking dye-run.
      My daughter bought a more expensive one but she says it’s so damn complicated to put the accessories on she’s regretting it.

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