We adore chaos because we love to produce order

demolitionThus spake M.C. Escher.

Speaking for myself, he was right. To create order from a state of chaos, both architecturally and aesthetically, is why we took on this French house.

I have been overhelmed and undermined;

Poor Old Trevor has been intimidated and inundated.

I have been told that what I want can’t be done, or shouldn’t be done. But it has been.

I have been reminded of our purpose by some very valid questions from a friend; and taken right back to a cutting remark made by one of my very first followers just after I started this blog. In fact, that remark bothered me so much that I didn’t post again for two whole years.

You won’t find it, It was negative, offensive and nasty and I took it off

So, back to why am I posting photos about the rubbish layout of our house and the awful and ugly  construction materials we have unearthed?

Because this blog is confessional and candid; I can see no point in telling our restoration tale if I write just another fluffy rose-tinted blog. There’s plenty of that stuff out there already. I write about real problems and real solutions.

I am not ashamed to do this. I am not ashamed of our project; “the hovel” is a term of great affection. It is not the largest, grandest or most beautiful house we have owned. But it has potential. No one else ever saw that.

We both felt the pull of the setting and the hidden history and the challenge to  make it the best it can be because it is exactly where we want to be.

One or two others can see it too. I am human, so that is encouraging.

When I post images of houses and interiors that appeal to me, these are just ideas. You won’t find many  clues to the end project in these. It will be unique.

Sympathetic in style but exceptional in execution. There, that’s it.

LW296-MC-Escher-Sitll-Life-and-Street-19371Thanks  to:-


for the Escher picture and https://osyth.wordpress.com/

for the Escher prompt.


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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19 Responses to We adore chaos because we love to produce order

  1. Lynda says:

    Two years? How very sad.
    Glad you came back!


  2. Keep being genuine, Gill!


  3. I remember all the dramas you had Gill – takes a lot of courage and vision to push on. Hope you are feeling a little better now and keep pressing ahead with your dreams and ideas 🙂

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  4. bizzyella says:

    But wait, what is that photo? Are those your lovely bleached floorboards and a spot where someone took a sledge hammer to the walls? I’m sure it was in a good cause but what? Clearly “cache-misère” is not your style — the house where I would have to do that, no option, really, is on the market so I guess it’s not my style,either — but what are you uncovering, smashing through, whatever. I’m sure it came out well — enlarged a room, added light to a dark space, all kinds of good things — but what is it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No. those aren’t my lovely bleached floorboards. That is the beginning of the French guys knocking through from the terrace bedroom to make access to the shower room. Our plan.
      Prior to that access we had to walk over the staircase and through the tulip bedroom to access the only facilities in the entire house.
      It looks like that doorways been there forever now. And there are a couple of our giant stones left apparent.
      I’ll send you “before” and “after” if you missed that post.


  5. Osyth says:

    I like your warts and all style. I love the advice you impart and the sharing of your talent and skill and ingenuity and Trev. Escher was a clever boy but do stop short of trying to install one of his staircases 😉

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  6. I had a really negative comment once too (perhaps it was the same person!) I thoroughly agree with you. Rose tinted blogs are many, but the grit, the determinations and the pitfalls are vastly more interesting. For one thing, we can learn from them. We can be enriched by someone’s wisdom. They can save us from falling to the same pitfalls. A rose tinted blog is lovely – but sometimes we gain little more than dreams and othertimes fall foul to that little nagging beast called envy. Keep enriching our day with your renovations, we profit from them wonderfully!

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  7. curt says:

    Perfect post – Gill! Yes – to be in the place you want to be. Could you be on the beach with drink in hand? Sure – but there are no problems to solve – no history to unearth and mistakes to be made there. An old home is more than a building – it’s been the stage for lives and history. We bring these neglected shells back to once again be lived in – to create memories for our families and hopefully for many generations of families to come. So we must welcome the crumbling foundations with the resolve to make them whole again. Go – Gill – go! I’m rooting for you.

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  8. poshbirdy says:

    You’re much more on the order side than chaos now. And your home is lovely (I take great comfort from your progress) x

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  9. francetaste says:

    It’s fantastic that you are renovating. So much that’s done is “cache-misère,” not renovation. You are giving your home a new life.

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