French pillowsHere’s a debate..pick a side.

After far too many years of property restoration in the South of France, Trev has announced that he hates French (i.e square) pillows.

What took him so long? Well, partly because he is a man of few words, unless he likes you or it’s a pet subject: but mainly I think it really has just dawned on him why he was awaking with a cricked neck.

Anyway, this raises a dilemma.
He now wants two rectangular pillows to sleep on, I like one square and one rectangular (!?)
We have always been companiable co-sleepers: at various homes, on benches or floors on cross- channel ferries ( we don’t like the cabins), in the back of cars ( waiting for cross-channel ferries), in good hotels, in bad hotels, on dodgy guest beds, on blow up mattresses……..

So, this is the first  sign of sleep incompatibility in 23 years. What do I do?
I like my beds nicely dressed, can I cope with mismatched pillows?
In truth, I don’t know…..


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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21 Responses to Compati-pillow-bility

  1. Lynda says:

    There are pillows you sleep on and pillows you decorate with. We use cervical pillows to sleep and then I bury them behind the decorative pillows. Perhaps more decorative pillows are needed to disguise your pillow mismatch?


  2. zipfslaw1 says:

    I had no idea that those square pillows were a French thing until you wrote this! Now I’ve been (discreetly) taking note, and yes–you’re right!

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  3. Piddlewick says:

    It’s funny how pillows (maybe like toothbrushes?) seem to be niggly in our compatabilities. I’m a tad OCD so like my symmetry, but I’ve taught myself to save it for when the bed is made. When we are in the bed, all bets are off and pillows can be whatever size and shape (though I prefer 2 rectangular ones). For him, it is not about shape as quantity. 2 for sleeping, 4 for breakfast in bed.

    We used to have a huge long pillow (typical for Spain) that followed us around. We loved that pillow, though I have to say from the practicality of sleeping (read sharing) it was a tad fraught. (My pillow saga:


  4. bizzyella says:

    Some of my beds have two square and two rectangular ones. So generally the bed looks fine when it’s all made up. At night two wind up on the floor.


    • That was exactly my set up, now I need to accomodate three rectangular.
      I actually think I need to walk away from the house right now as the most seemingly inconsequential stuff is currently preoccupying my tiny, overloaded mind


      • bizzyella says:

        Three? For two people? Okay. I think we’re getting into TMI territory. Anyway, that makes it easier. The three behind, the two in front. Pretty.

        The larger issue is stress. I can’t step away from the house either, not for long, not just right now. I found a free app called MIND, little ten-minute guided meditations. They really do help, kind of like going to the beach for a bit, no matter where you are. Or sometimes I sit in a room that is finished and just think about what has actually been accomplished.

        Courage. You do seem to be handling this very difficult project, not to mention major life change, very well, keeping sanity, dignity and marriage all intact. I’m impressed.

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      • The pillows are just a distracting side line, though my more off the wall posts seem popular.
        Thanks for your suggestion and kind comments about my sanity.
        Sadly I cannot claim to be holding any marriage together as we are, as my mother would have put it “without benefit of clergy”.
        We have each been married twice before; four divorces is quite a back story and I have avoided the big ” M” since.


      • bizzyella says:

        OMG. Things have changed so much in such a short period of time. We are, as the saying used to go, shacking up, too, for economic reasons. If we ever do marry I can assure you that no clergy will be involved.

        So change “marriage” to “relationship” and the comment stands. Bravo.

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      • Well we have survived almost 23 years together, far longer than any of our previous relationships/ marriages, so something clearly works!
        Re the economics, if it worked better that way in France, we might marry, but if and when there will absolutely be no clergy involved either…

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  5. Well I hate pillows of any description. But would (in another life) like to think I’d dress the bed and then chuck them on the floor to go to sleep. And do the French actually use square pillows? I just thought it was one of the quirks of IKEA:)

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  6. Osyth says:

    I could not possibly have mismatched pillows so I’m with The Posh One … it seems the only suitable solution to me!

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  7. Chris says:

    Disguise is the answer I agree


  8. Nadia says:

    I would not be able to cope with mismatched pillows but then I am a bit obsessive when it comes to symmetry and tidiness etc. maybe have an assortment of each as extra decorative ones on the bed.

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  9. francetaste says:

    My kiné wouldn’t hesitate to say he should do what suits his neck!


  10. poshbirdy says:

    I can’t stand those things, so I’m with Trev, I’m afraid. Disguise the one odd square one by dressing it up as the cushion it really is. Hey Presto! No problem x

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