French Property P**n Fix- pratique? non…..!

753028c5754e6a856fb33d0b00ff8549I have had to censor my own posts FOR THE FIRST TIME on FPP because several folk have searched and found me using the tags “French P**n” ; I expect they were very disappointed when this search led them only to an old,ย  mad woman with a fixation on French style.

The paler blue on this photo –left- is exactly what we found patches of in the salon.

It’s a very pretty cloudy sky colour, but I think I’m done with cold blue decor. Sorry you authenticos out there,but it has to be liveable with.5cc65f8a03525420a6f2ab513606451c

I truly don’t think these gorgeous and authentic looking pebble floors are pratique at all ( with my default footwear choice of none indoors?)I see them a lot in images of pale and interesting French interiors.34b0b10557b6c8597be3a1f7328f239a

And this- right-is a fairly humble French room, like mine, so why is it rocking a chandelier when MY French House won’t countenance one, to the GREAT disappointment of my daughter?

I’ve tried every which way, believe me

186c8893a2d7567667db7c25b445cddbAnd why isn’t this door-left- in my house? And this –below-ย is exactly what the cave walls look like right now, so should I make an authentic style statement and leave the walls like this ?

No! No! and thrice No..! b45ff931e9cb2c970b3697001927cc95



How does anyone keep these interiors wall and floor treatments clean?



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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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17 Responses to French Property P**n Fix- pratique? non…..!

  1. Lynda says:

    Too funny! Oh, and add me to the fray for that last door on the left! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. jane stevens says:

    um, you seem to be missing the central idea of living in old places. we, who know, cook; we don’t clean. let it be!


  3. Chris says:

    you brighten my day with your blogs, thank you

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  4. I am glad I’m not the only spoilsport who sees impracticality in so many interiors. Cleaning, comfort.
    My biggest pet peeve is the “sitting shower.” These are common in France, but that doesn’t mean they aren pleasant. They are the big, often claw-footed iron tubs with a handheld shower attachment. Nothing but the deep tub keeps the water from splashing all over the bathroom. So, if you’re the one who’s cleaning up, you have to sit in the tub and spray yourself, which requires being a contortionist to spray all the necessary areas. If you aren’t the one cleaning, you might just stand for your shower and get water all over the room.
    Oh, and they often show gorgeous herringbone parquet floors in these bathrooms. Because ancient wood holds up so well to humidity.
    The hat trick is a sitting shower on a parquet floor IN the bedroom (again–great to keep your bedding full of steam).

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    • We are having a claw foot tub in the guest bedroom; but it will sit on a terrazzo tile floor with underfloor heating, and it’s just a bath tub- the shower is completely separate in another room


  5. Ha I have capped pipes in my bathroom that I called copper dildos and someone found my blog looking for a DIY guide to make one out of plumber’s putty

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  6. Osyth says:

    I am SO sorry but I am hooting at the thought of what you attracted by using the P word!!! As for these pictures – I am bound to say that I love them all but I particularly want the door bottom left. I mean WANT. Would go to immense lengths to get it (but not become a middle-aged P star, you understand)


    • You will have to fight me for the door… as I am sure it would equally suit Maison Hovel and Maison Carre.
      Re my French Property P**N, I guess attracting folk with certain predilections was inevitable. I am v amused myself , but also a little put out that I now have to censor; and I was so proud to be bold, candid & confessional on this blog!!
      PS between you, me and the rest of the blogosphere, there were times when I would have considered any income stream……………..

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  7. bizzyella says:

    Yeah. The floors are impractical, the walls impractical and those chairs, don’t get me started. But hmmm, French p”n, you say? Now there is something to offset the flaky electricity around here…

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    • I am right with you there.Things I can clean easily,a kitchen I can actually cook in, dining chairs that invite the guest to linger, comfortable chairs and sofas and a bed to fall into and sleep soundly. Why, oh why, do these silly interior photos fall down on all of the above?


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