Project B- Argeles again

beach Argeles- sur- Mer

Long term followers will know that our  Project B was, after  buying the village house in Campagne- sur- Aude, to find a second seaside bolthole.

We had considered buying in UK, but that made no sense if we are relocating permanently to France. We chose Argeles-sur-Mer, in our neighbouring department of Pyrénées-Orientales, with it’s stretches of beautiful beaches.

Argeles is not as “picture-postcard” as neighbouring Collioure (which always reminds me of a mini Monaco with it’s  cramped centre, lack of parking and  villas on every square inch of hillside) It does, however have a very beautiful 7 km beach bordered by a very civilised, umbrella pine shaded promenade.

Some very clever mayor blocked the building of any more high rise blocks after the first few went up in the 1960’s so it will never look like the dodgy bits of the Costas to the south. It has been developed as a holiday resort and is none the worse for that; bringing much needed opportunity for related businesses and boosting Argeles’ local economy.

It also hosts a major name rock festival (headlined last year by Lenny Kravitz) in the grounds of Chateau Valmy   and has some exceptional restaurants.

IMG_20160509_084720Our management/maintenance fees are modest for the area, but I did moan about the extra cost this year for major external facelift on our block. However, having seen how much better it looks with it’s new render and paint I’m a lot happier.

The apartment it TOTALLY different in style to the village house so we were led by it’s date (mid 60s)  and painted it white with a sea green accent wall and furnished with original 60’s hardwood beds , rattan, dark metal framed furniture and funky textiles. Being me, I have dropped in a spot of  hip vintage Moroccan and Indian style with pieces  redolent of that period.argeles apartment france

I KNEW you would all want to see my new rug, which is fabulous, and my very mid-century silky cotton bedding. I was getting bored with all that white hotel vibe stuff.

It’s not a hotel; it’s a little holiday home-from-home




I like to buy something new and gorgous every season, and my guests like it. As well as the rug, I found some chunky blue stoneware in Gifi.

My camera took it upon itself to add a random moody filter to the photo below, which I quite like.


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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17 Responses to Project B- Argeles again

  1. Lynda says:

    I picked out the new rug right away! Very nice!!! You always have such good taste in decorating.

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  2. Osyth says:

    It is lovely – I particularly like the way that you have properly embraced the 60s not just with the choice of furniture but with the ethnic touches too. After all, what self-respecting hippie chic or dude would be without a trace of Morocco and India in their surrounds? I will direct a couple of friends to your site as I am sure if they have the time they would be interested to book in 🙂

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  3. Nadia says:

    Looks lovely!


  4. gabriele says:

    That rug! I think the magic hidden in that bit of carpet me with the magic of your ‘touch’ and it transforms the room in the nicest way. I’m so glad someone I ‘know’ has it and not just an anonymous person in a photo in a magazine so that I should have to gnash my teeth in envy.
    The layering/placement of the pillows somehow echoes the multiple patterns in the rug both adding color and designs without muddying the look or making it seem too busy.
    Like poshbirdy I too like the wall hanging; hope you give us a full view sometime. For a modern building (compared to the Campagne house) you’ve managed to bring in a magical touch with its roots in foreign ports…
    I know you’re both very busy people but with this new iteration, doesn’t the place make you want to slow down or stop and just enjoy being there, surrounded by its transforming elements?

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    • Thank YOU, for your kind words about my rooms and my style choices.
      And, yes, we would love to slow down; sadly a little more in the bank is required before we attain French Nirvana..


    • If you go into my category list on the right and click “Galleries” there are some older shots in the “apartment ” Gallery- inlcuding the view and some local scenery


  5. francetaste says:

    Looks like a nice building. I know what you mean about the Spanish coasts–it’s all about cramming in as many apartments as possible as close to the waterfront as possible, nature be damned. But many of the high-rises there were built without authorization. I read a story in the Wall Street Journal some years ago about how they were supposed to be torn down. Nothing has happened….

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  6. poshbirdy says:

    Looks lovely. Must pop down some time. Love the look of the wall-hanging behind the beds

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