The Thursday Three – hand knitted throw, Edwardian picture, vintage fabric

Marcus Stone PaintingI know, I know, my Thursday Three posts have taken a serious back seat recently.

Too many things going on, only one me.

This picture came to me free. I was looking at a couple of pieces of furniture in a large charity shop in Birmingham and asked about this. It was splattered with emulsion paint and the original plaster frame was literally disintegrating.  They gave it to me.

I cleaned off the paint, stabilising what was left of the frame with soft furniture wax.

I wanted one more picture over the bed in the terrace room. This is a rather lovely print of a painting by Marcus Stone; who started off observing his father Frank Stone, was illustrating for Trollope and Dickens as a teenager, and who stayed faithful to his classical training and  disciplines to the disdain of those who championed the looser Pre-Raphaelites.

I love the landscape, the fabrics, and of course the bench!! The wistful and nostalgic air and the very soft colours are perfect for it’s intended spot.

The frame looks great now and I shan’t be restoring it any further; old, damaged, a bit rough but characterful………………That’s me!

LLaura Ashley vintage stripe90510hand knitted throw






Above-Vintage (1985) Laura Ashley ticking stripe fabric & large hand knitted throw


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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18 Responses to The Thursday Three – hand knitted throw, Edwardian picture, vintage fabric

  1. francetaste says:

    1985 is vintage already?


  2. Nadia says:

    Lovely throw. Did you knit it?


  3. gabriele says:

    Marcus Stone on Pinterest | Stones, Stone Painting and British × 354-Search by image
    PAINTING. Marcus Stone 1903 – Lady On A Balcony. Appears to be in good condition. Has some minor signs of use, back paper is falling off. Frame corners show some chipping and peeling. Sold on for $7,000.
    I’m not signed up for Pinterest but that’s where this info came from…
    I did a Marcus Stone image search and just scrolled through…
    and one last link…

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  4. gabriele says: Same model, same garments…two for one!


  5. Chris says:

    what gorgeous finds, I love the painting


  6. poshbirdy says:

    Love the picture – very romantic. Where do you think it’s meant to be? Looks like the West Country somewhere?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I concur, or maybe the Gower peninsular somewhere? I would like to think it’s continental Europe!
      I can’t find this particular painting on any of the art print outlets on the net.
      Anyone who can shed light on the title or location please do tell us.

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  7. bizzyella says:

    I love that fabric. I actually bought something very similar when I lived in California, which I had made into a curtain. If I could find a major quantity of that, I’d buy it. My living room windows are crying out for it. Good find!

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