Ideas- range cookers, ironware, copper pendants- and the big kitchen dilemna

IMG_20160417_133254So, we went to the Homebuilding & Renovation show at NEC Birmingham last weekend.

I had to be dragged along, as last year’s event had been a big disappointment to us, with few of the small, artisan  exhibitors whose unique and bespoke pieces I always prefer. This year was better and we actually picked up some options on three pieces we need for the village house.

We’ll start with range cookers, Trev’s obsession right now. Not likely to find an artisan model in our budget, but we have very restricted criteria which narrows the choices right down.

Firstly, the space  by the chimney in the kitchen will not accommodate anything larger than 90cm and I am NOT, repeat NOT, doing any more demolition!!!

Also, our kitchen is on the first floor next to the living room. This is not unusual in French properties, but it raises the question of load and weight that you just don’t get with ground floor installations. This eliminates Trevor’s favoured heavy Aga, Everhot, Esse range cookers .

It’s a good floor, but it’s still plank and joists.

Trev, the serious chef would also consider one of these big, stainless steel jobs with an obvious commercial kitchen influence, such as Viking






However, we are not feeding the 5,000 ( been there, done that, got the tee-shirt) and we keep coming back to the French flavour Elise- top left and above right-

Back to the artisan stuff- we met Anand Parmar at his AMAZING stand with his beautiful hand made copper pendant lamps showcased. He mixes new and reclaimed materials stylishly, a real artist. His website is still being built, but I was very impressed, nice guy too.

My favourite is the copper coolie shade in the middle of photos with it’s vintage/antique brass top. Prices around £150-£200, which is crazy low for these one-off pieces designed your own spec. I want two pendants, one over the sink and one over the main worktop







We also looked at options for wrought iron hand rails on both sets of stairs. Why aren’t you buying from a local French Ferronier? you ask.Because  so far, what I want is too expensive sourced locally. I do try to buy French where I can but this is a budget driven project

Two exhibitors below- and—the-forge.html

curtain poles banner



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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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16 Responses to Ideas- range cookers, ironware, copper pendants- and the big kitchen dilemna

  1. Lynda says:

    Of all the wrought iron for hand railings I like the one that looks to be tied into a square knot (fourth in from the left.) The others were too simple or look like they could seriously skewer a person’s appendages!

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  2. I had the same dilmma, but being on a budget, after having a smeg in the uk I went for a Boulanger two oven range cooker. It was cheap but to be honest works brilliantly, and judging by some of the styling I wonder whether it is a cheaper version of a smeg model. It is 900 and not too heavy as I have a full cellar underneath and it sits on a suspended floor. Have fun choosing!


  3. poshbirdy says:

    I absolutely love the chandelier band on the Black Crystal site. I haven’t tried convection cooking but would love to hear about it as it’s really caught on

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  4. We have a two oven Falcon also, bought here in France and I absolutely love it, very even temperatures in both ovens, there are no hot spots, cooks brilliantly. We have electric ovens and gas top, I love the flexibility of gas. Prior to this we have had a Smeg, but find the Falcon very much better.

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  5. Nadia says:

    I had a Viking in the USbut here, the one I wanted costs €24000! I ordered a Lacanche instead and it will be here in 9 weeks – exciting!!

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  6. francetaste says:

    I cannot gush enough about induction. It’s just as flexible as gas. But you can’t use copper pots–it works with magnets, so you need special cookware. Still, I LOVE it.
    We also have 90 cm, and got a Falcon with two ovens. Very convenient. And it seems so much more efficient when cooking a quiche to use a smaller oven than the gigantic 90cm one that took an hour to heat up.
    As for iron working, I can suggest someone in Aude, near Carcassonne. He made us a pergola and does some lovely things. Reasonable rates, local artisan.

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