Flipping French Floors #2 – floor envy

Frederic-Leon Ducout photoI have had floor envy for a while now.

Investigations have not turned up any charming original tiled floors in the French house which we could have lovingly restored. There is a small area of tomettes on the first floor that we will keep, but that’s it.

I yearn to replicate one of these beautiful floors in a mix of pale, small tiles  in natural colours such as these found on maisoncreative.com


Tiled v wood floors? both look authentic and appropriate but in some ways I am glad that our main living/dining/cooking/sleeping  areas are on the first & second floors and have wood floors, which I love and like to walk on barefoot. Crucially, wooden floors are warm too & with the odd rug are perfectly fine in winter.

The cave presents a different dilemna. We have “lived with it” for a few years and mulled over whether to extend the central heating down there and/or connect up a vintage log burner but practicality, economy & comfort have won out. Tiles are cold, be warned. Great in summer, no bloody fun in winter!!!

We will install the excellent  Warmup ( http://www.warmup.co.uk/ ) under floor electric wire system that we put into our ground floor shower room and breakfast room in UK in our mid-century house.Readily available in France too.

It was efficient and inexpensive to run & hopefully we can, as we did in UK, lay it ourselves, with our electrician testing and connecting it finally. Over that I have finally found the right tiles, which we will buy next trip in case these get discontinued ( story of my life on this damn project!)The FLOOR the FLOOR! The small travertine tiles I have found in Tridome are actually wall tiles but are thick and tough and will do the job beautifully. In shades of pale terracotta, pearly off-grey, light stone and creamy white the look will replicate those in this photo -Right-  found on:-




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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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8 Responses to Flipping French Floors #2 – floor envy

  1. poshbirdy says:

    Lovely floors. WarmUp is great, but as with any underfloor heating do make sure you allow plenty of cable near the end. Unfortunately we learned the hard way – we have a very cold bathroom in UK due to a (professional) installation where they messed up and we need to remove the tiles to replace the system. And that’s not going to happen!

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    • Whoops!! bad luck- gits..

      I think we were advised what cable to leave free when we installed Warmup in UK house. Fortunately Trev is, I think, brighter than your “professionals”!!
      It does go to show though that you have to pick your professional, and sometimes stand over them too…


  2. Gabriele says:

    Tell them you have a plan that requires wall tiles…and show them the Fred Astaire dance
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac6o8PXthzQ…you can dance on the floor AND the walls

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  3. bizzyella says:

    Beautiful floors. Hope you find something comparable. That Warmup stuff looks great. I hope there is some excellent reason my architect suggested another solution for my house, as he knows and likes the product. It may sound heretical but I was in Leroy Merlin yesterday and found some pretty decent stuff — tumbled travertine and the like. Prices have plummeted since the days when only Walker Zanger carried that sort of thing.

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  4. I think you are right. Tiles with “Dry Heating” underneath will suit for both Summer and Winter due to the simple nature of their working.

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