Episode 123 – more on the door

Punch?It’s not as easy as 123, by the way…

And, yes, this is probably Most Bizarre Photo Of 2015.

What’s going on with the end of his nose?

Who needs a Punch & Judy show? Trev still had a sense of humour at this point, although later we were both certainly ready to punch something.

Surrounded by pre-clearout detritus in tulip bedroom and a clear shot of my temporary wardrobe, “Joint à l’ancienne”(old style grout) and The Kneeling Cushion which The Man refuses to use (creak, groan, curse)

As we have had the panels for this door cut for a very long time and as we could not expect family to use an open plan bathroom at the French house , we decided to get the new door on. HA!

I refuse to part with the 17thc door frame in here so Trev had to work around that, which means that the new, straight door reveal set in there so door has something to close against does not line up with original doorway. It fits at the bottom but not at the top. Even Carpenter Greg was scratching his head.

We certainly couldn’t put the glass in, and we cracked a floor tile , so overall not best project of 2015 so far..

Basically we have had to leave it until next trip. Trev made up this door using biscuit rather than peg joints so was a bit of an experiment anyway.chiselling out

Trev did find latches he was happy with and chiselled out the frames on both doors out of shower room to accommodate these. He has inset them deep enough to cover with a thin slip of wood and will be filled, sanded and painted to conceal within the reveal.

door lock latchdoor handle metal











Once both doors are finished and painted they will have their pretty, decorative metal grills attached  over the glazed sections to preserve the user’s privacy


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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3 Responses to Episode 123 – more on the door

  1. Looks like things are beginning to come together… 🙂


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