Warning- This Is A Rant

This is the wartsandall blog, so I must tell it how it is and vent my frustrations. Hence this open letter to the guest(s) at the Argeles apartment who, jointly or severally, pushed me to the limit this week.

” To whom it may concern,

You have had a lovely stay at our stylishly presented little seaside place, into which we have thoughtfully put everything we could possibly think of for your convenience, comfort and enjoyment. All at a very modest price.

It was good enough to get the highest possible tourist star rating for one bed self-catering accommodation in France on it’s last assessment and we have had many happy and enthusiastic guests enjoying it’s cute vintage vibe.

So why did one or more of you out there who stayed this summer decide that it was acceptable to:-

  1. Get a DVD stuck in the DVD tray and then attempt to hack it out with one of our table knives?
  2. Block up the filter on my expensive Bosch dishwasher with chicken bones?
  3. Yank the flush handle off the toilet cistern (for which no spare parts are available) ?

To add insult to injury, you have  failed to admit to these acts and therefore, as you haven’t ‘fessed up, I cannot withhold your security deposit or bill you for the new TV/DVD, dishwasher  or toilet as there is more than one possible candidate out there.

More stuff to sort out and more time-consuming post guest checks for my wonderful change-over lady, and her husband who had to drop an important  job to rush across the Pyrenees-Orientales and do a temporary fix so that the very nice and understanding guests currently in there right now can flush the toilet at least; though they will be washing their dishes by hand and have no chance of relaxing and enjoying a film later in the evening.  

Of course I have reduced their bill because I am a nice person & so are they, but boy are you pushing my buttons right now.

You put a dampener and a big delay on enjoying our last family day together as my daughter discovered these issues during her short break with her sick husband. You messed up plans and caused Trev & I major grief.On the hottest day of the summer. None of us needed this right now. 

Karma comes around.

Gill “


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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13 Responses to Warning- This Is A Rant

  1. Lynda says:

    Argh… I just couldn’t click the like button. 😦


  2. Osyth says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you and am impressed by the frankly controlled nature of your rant – mine would be far more explosive! I hope your son-in-law is recovering ever again in your lovely apartment 🙂

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    • Thank you Osyth,
      I deliberated for some time over whether I should write that post as I know some of my guests read this blog, but I was so hot, frustrated and furious about it. It put my changeover lady and her husband out, made us late picking up some folk from the airport (which meant I had no time to shower, change or tidy myself up & therefore turned up looking like a wild haired and grubby bag lady!I haven’t heard from them since so heaven knows what they think of me now!
      I decided that if this blog is truly a diary and I am going to be true to myself within it, then I must post the reality; I do get a little fed up with the sugar-coated, everything in the garden is lovely, stuff written about similar adventures.
      Last, but not least, my son-in-law is seriously ill and had only a couple of days in Argeles. I wanted to make his visit as enjoyable as I could under the circumstances.
      So whoever did this should be apologising to a lot of people

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      • Osyth says:

        You were absolutely right to post it. The culprits should be utterly ashamed though I fear they are probably entirely devoid of conscience. I’m with you on the sugar coating – life is not always so squeaky cutesy and should be documented truthfully. I send love from one baguette to another and my sincere and warm thoughts to you all for your son in laws return to health. Namaste xx

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  3. bizzyella says:

    Actually I think karma doesn’t come around, not as cleanly as we would like. Otherwise you wouldn’t be dealing with this. And a facility fee, isn’t that just a rent increase?

    Honestly, I would have sent them photos of the destroyed stuff, letting them know that this was why they weren’t getting their deposit back. Let them deny all they like.

    I have a theory that AirBNB is raising expectations to an unrealistic level. I mean really, I rent a four-bedroom house for a thousand a week, and they want me to leave breakfast and a bottle of wine, too? Many hotels will rent you four rooms, never mind the kitchen and all, for a thousand a night and you can buy your own food, thank you, preferably from the minibar or in their restaurants at many multiples of retail. I think that kind of foolishness feeds the sense of entitlement some people feel and also their lack of understanding that we are not hotels and do not have staff standing by.

    Whoa. Send a rant, get a rant in return. I’ll stop there.


    • Rant away!!
      I know karma isn’t always clean and clear but I think everything you do does come back to you.
      The issue we have is that the hidden damage was discovered at the point where we don’t know which recent guest did it. If I did then they would certainly not get their security deposit back!! That is one of the frustrating aspects. The other is that my daughter should not have been impacted by someone else’s actions on a much needed holiday

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  4. Gabriele says:

    I don’t know who the fridge magnet is but by the comment he left, I don’t think I want to know.
    I’ve followed you through your posts through so many choices and decision and accomplishments, happy and thankful to share in the finds and discoveries, the histories and laughter so I feel a personal interest in your own (developing) home as well as the seaside apartment.
    So your injury—which is what it is—-both an insult to your hospitality but damage to the place itself and your perception of it as a welcoming place…it has to hurt in ways that can’t be dismissed. I’ve rented gites in the south (mainly Ariege) and I know the pleasure of feeling at home in a hospitable ‘home’. I have looked at so many Gites-de-France listings which showed me I wouldn’t be comfortable in a place that was Chez Ikea and nothing more. I admit one place in Caunes Minervois was a bit de trop…the bath tub was in the bedroom (that was ok) but it was the base of a triangle with the two walls the side of the triangle…and where the walls met the owners had chosen a reproduction of ‘a Medieval Lady’…to hang behind the tub…which was in fact, a picture of
    Saint Therese of Lisieux…just what I always wanted…take a bath with the picture of a nun watching me!
    But as we are both sorry to recognize there are people who have no respect or appreciation for others accomplishments or possessions.
    Somewhere there are two parents (or more) who failed at parenting.
    When someone’s values are based on their self-interests only, in a world which will not care, what consolatioins can they find when things don’t go the way they expect?
    Karma can take too long and is too easily dismissed (or misunderstood). I prefer the idea of Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess who weights the heart (soul) against her feather. She’s more than that also applicable here.
    Perhaps you’ll come across something at some market or vide-grenier which will speak of Ma’at to you and you can make her custodian of your place by the sea. She’d probably appreciate seeing the Med again…
    And for those whose response to being called on their self-entitlement and thoughtless behavior is rudeness, well, it’s not karma, it’s what life gives you when you give people no reason to
    be nice to you. Dogs and horses can smell fear, cats can sense dislike but people learn to perceive selfishness.

    May I suggest a non-refundable facility fee? If the guest can provide references from other hosts or had rented from you before, it could be waived…there was one owner who didn’t want to rent to an American until I provided contact info for another place I’d rented. When he explained, I understood.
    I hope your daughter’s husband is better.

    Take care.


    • Hi there

      First of all, thanks for following my blog and for your comment and your kind thoughts about my son-in-law.
      I should clarify that the WBFMagnet and I often send very brief and tongue in cheek comments to each other and this is the case, here.Mr Magnet is a lovely man and would not have meant anything untoward!

      I like your idea of a non refundable fee, but for a small apartment at our price point, this would render us uncompetitive. We do of course levy a security deposit, but when the culprit is not certain ( it has been a busy season and hidden damage is not always noticed) we cannot use this particular protection tool.

      I know it’s just life and s**t happens, most of the time I ride my changing fortunes with equanimity, but this was the worst week to find three big issues to sort out.

      I do use this blog to let off steam, and a valuable outlet it is for me.


  5. It is, but why I deserved this kick in the teeth right at this moment is beyond me
    Onward and upward
    Tomorrow is a rest day so I will
    Sorry for gloomy post


  6. Karma really is a bitch as well… 😉


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