Decorating a French house

The time has come.

We can no longer procrastinate and put off decisions about the detail. Clear plans must be made now as we move forward with the last of the hidden work that will underpin the final look.

Although I have been rolling ideas around in my head for a very long time, this year we have to confront the remaining quandaries head on, or we will never finish this project.

I am probably about to alienate half my followers, but here goes-

I always knew that I did not want either the luridly bright and over fussy concept of French country  I see on American sites,  OR the homogenous everything ethereally white and pale grey and all scalloped and monogrammed and completely impractical  look popular in many of the French interior magazines.

I have been looking and looking at semi-rural homes, not just in France but everywhere for a coherent design that speaks to me and have found only these three (so far) in which all  the elements really appeal.

So what do they have in common? the rough & the raw  juxtaposed with smooth & contemporary, soft artists’s colours, genuinely old & timeworn textiles (though I won’t be wriggling on a rough sacking covered chair!) ancient plaster work with real patina, strong statement pieces, a hint of luxurious texture, no dark varnish, no dead white walls, no fuss, no frills, no tiny flower prints

Whilst not an exact blueprint for what I’m doing at Campagne, maybe these will go some way toward explaining the route I have chosen.

I just need to get Mr neat and clean and everything  tidily finished  on board; but this house is changing him too.raw walls


below left –from

below right- from

Escalier-entree_carrousel_gallery_ispiraciononline blogspotjuxtaposition of old and new


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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7 Responses to Decorating a French house

  1. Osyth says:

    Super stunning …. elements of all of them appeal


  2. poshbirdy says:

    Funny, I love them all and think they have something to contribute. And please do share your secret of sealing plaster – that would be invaluable x


    • well, elements of them all are going into the house. The house is unquestionably unique- it seems to have it’s own opinions, it likes this look and stubbornly resists anything formal or fussy (bit like moi really) .

      I will share all hard won tips including my plaster sealing recipes with you of course!!I have lots of time for anyone restoring a town or village home rather than the more usual expat choices


  3. PS, Trev is horrified by photo 3 !


  4. bizzyella says:

    I love them all but House 2 looks like the easiest to pull off. It has actual cleanable finishes. Can’t wait to see what you finally choose.

    Liked by 1 person

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