Le salle de bain part 2- Perfect Plumbing- where? how? why?

sept13 130What does “bathroom” mean to you? even amongst English speaking nations, the meaning is slightly different. Generally I take it to mean a room with a bath, a basin and a toilet.

The French are keen on hiding their toilets in odd corners, some seem to think that one is enough for an entire household however large. A salle de bain  need not contain one at all.

Then there is  the question of what to call a shower room in French, salle d’eau? salle de douche?

And what do you call a room with a basin and toilet and maybe a washing machine? cloakroom maybe? utility? IKEA showroom?glass basin

However you decide to label these spaces, almost all of you consider this kind of plumbing absolutely essential for 21st century life. It’s all relative.  We have endured a number of “facilities” during our epic renovation:- flushing toilet behind  front door, off grid toilet (with a bucket to flush), ditto with temporary  plastic plumbing, new toilet in shower room (hooray!!!) basins with and without warm water, showers attached and not attached to any water supply, bathing by pouring heated water over oneself whilst standing in a large plastic box while your partner howls with laughter… okay, okay, enough.

The point I am trying to make is that you will  save time and much angst by deciding early on  exactly what YOU want in the end product; not the neighbours, not the possibly opinionated friends, not the family, not even the plumber, who will all have their own idea of  what YOU should have. Don’t go down the easy road if you are going to regret it later. Listen to me and save a load of grief .

What do I want? (1) a toilet on at least two of the three floors, including one right by our bedroom

I screamed a bit when we achieved that.DSC02796 (2) a slipper bath to soak in and (3) a shower off the bedroom and (4) separate facilities for guests. So we have a plan, and we are working on it.

Le bain, la baignoire, la salle de bain, la salle d’eau, la salle de douche.






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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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9 Responses to Le salle de bain part 2- Perfect Plumbing- where? how? why?

  1. Osyth says:

    Years ago I worked for a US firm who represented a huge proportion of the world’s A list talent. I was based in London and part of my job was to ‘service’ the clients from NY and LA when then visited for work or castings. That in itself was a difficult expression for a girl who grew up in a farming community to cope with. But when an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous young actor then starring in Dynasty asked me for ‘the rest room’ I thought he meant he needed a lie down and took him to the screening lounge. His look was priceless. Two nations divided by a common language indeed!! Great post by the way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bizzyella says:

    Funny post. It gets pretty basic over here, doesn’t it? When I started my house I went through weeks of new workers showing up and saying “how many bathrooms?” Come on, it’s not even one per bedroom. There aren’t even heated toilet seats. Now that things are going in, they love it. So yes, stick to your guns. A few basic creature comforts are essential.


    • They are.
      We are treading the fine line between luxury and necessity here, in the sense that I don’t want huge baths and power showers that will negatively impact on my future water and heating bills! but at the same time there has to be the odd indulgence as the house is dragged , kicking and screaming (no , that would be me..) into the 21st century


  3. PlumberMatt says:

    You got it right. Just tell them what exactly you want and stick to that idea.


  4. Aaah memories of the bathroom story!! May these experiences become ever more distant from the present.


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