Episode 118- Waxing Lyrical

grey waxesIn my road to restoration and renovation perfection I have picked up a few liquid and paste waxes to finish floors, wood, walls  and furniture at the French house.

This selection of greys will be well used. tinted lime plaster

I have already started finishing the few crumbly areas on our very old lime plaster with a little of the Gris Marmotte #3 – which has sealed and protected these areas and adds to the soft finish of these walls.

I like the fact that these waxes are billed as “intemporelle” (timeless) & “hier pour demaine” (yesterday for tomorrow) how very appropriate. The Grise Mercure looks bright blue here,  but is a very soft cloudy blue/grey sky colour on application. I will be using it to protect and soften the colour I mixed for the lower bit of the hall and staircase walls. A light coating in certain areas does not affect the breathability of the lime plaster that we are preserving wherever possible in the house.

So far I have finished the terrace bedroom floor by cleaning with a plastic scourer and French liquid wood soap. Then I let it dry (for nine months !) and then  finished  on my knees with a cloth and a tin of Liberon Liming Wax. (not recommended if your room is any bigger than the 112 square feet of floor space we have in that particular room)

The effect however is dramatically lighter and  brighter and the grain of the wood is enhanced. I was inspired by the lightening effect on the floor of the ingrained rubble from the demolition phase in here! All evidence of the screaming orangey-brown stain applied in the 50’s has gone and it is a lovely soft silvery grey.

Although the wax I used is not specifically designed for floors, I must point out that the finish I applied has now been in place for four years and has survived roof leaks over one winter due to slipping canal tiles in the worst storm in decades, so I would say it was fit for purpose.

terrace bedroom mid demolition lime waxed bedroom floor


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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11 Responses to Episode 118- Waxing Lyrical

  1. Lynda says:

    Very pretty! Do you think using a buffer/floor waxer would help here? I use one on my oak floors here. Goes way faster than hands and knees. I used a soft cloth on a sponge mop to apply the wax and then buffed it in with the waxing machine.


  2. What a clever idea and the effect is charming. Soft grey and blues – such pretty colour choices 🙂


    • The greys, blues and red/brown under the window are a very much older layer of pigment set in/on the centuries old lime plaster. It is so beautiful we are keeping that area under the window exposed. Then we will follow the old painted “skirting” line around the room with a washed and layered grey finish. above we have the rough lime plaster with a pale straw finish and where we can just detect the stone walls underneath, I have rubbed pale taupey grey wax in. Both the stairwells will have a band of pale blue/grey/green washes and wax on lower part of walls.
      I want to keep it all very soft, the only “decorated” rooms will be the second floor bedrooms

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      • It’s so beautiful Gill – I love the softness it looks so soothing. It’s lovely that you are preserving the character of the property and just gently enhancing it to bring it back to life! 🙂

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  3. poshbirdy says:

    I will need all your expertise and experience. This post is going to be bookmarked!


    • Thanks for your vote of confidence!
      More than happy to support you- been there and got the tee-shirt……………………!
      It’s a long road, but so worthwhile doing the right thing for a building


  4. bizzyella says:

    Beautiful work. Some day I will have to pick your brain about this. I would never have thought to use wax on a wall. “The life so short, the craft so long to learn.”


    • Thanks

      Well, I like to try things and it seemed somehow logical in the village house, with all this old plaster and wood and uneven walls and floors. I will post some of my finishes when we get back from France at the end of the month.
      It’s all been trial and error, quite a bit of error if you look at earlier posts!

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