Episode 117- Re-purposing old original doors


I have been obsessing for ages about what to do with the old cave door-below –cave door


It doesn’t fit, the wind blows around and through it and there is insufficient light coming through the two dinky little panes. But it is very old,  very charming and very French and must be re-purposed somewhere. I have come up with a few ideas, most of which have made the ever patient Trevor roll his eyes; but now..EUREKAKAKA!…. I have it.

We will re-purpose as sliding “barn door” style access to wash room in the cave. This is a tight space and a regular opening door was never practical there as right by the front door in a small entrance area. This old cave door has sub layers of lead paint so cannot sand, will use a paint stripping gel that holds the flecks of lead paint within and see how it looks after that. Won’t be perfect but that would be boring anyway. Not at all inappropriate; our neighbour across the way had one on his garage/workshop doorway till he renovated his pretty house.

I just need to find a preferably old slide assembly. It will go great with our other old iron/metal elements at the village house. I will replace the glass with mirror, also old if I can find it; so will bounce extra light around in this restricted space.

I can hear the house  shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” from the other side of La Manche.

See some wonderful antique, vintage and modern examples here:-atelier barn doors



About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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13 Responses to Episode 117- Re-purposing old original doors

  1. Lynda says:

    I love this idea, but haven’t anyplace to use it. I will some day I am certain!
    I put clear glass on our shower stall and an antique stained glass panel at the end of the footed tub (an inside wall to the master suite) in California and I can still remember some of my friends gasping when they saw it. We rented the house for a year to some friends when we moved here to Alabama and I was shocked, and I’ll admit a bit angry, when I found that they had put up a curtain over the stained glass! We had to patch the wall and repaint the bedroom because of their extreme modesty. Sillies, I checked that glass to make sure you couldn’t see through the clear beveled glass bits to the shower and the commode. You couldn’t; not at all!


  2. Osyth says:

    Love the solution … and isn’t it funny how the solution is always lurking there but seems to want to lead us a merry dance by playing dodgeball until it realises that, like weary parents, we are all out of steam. Funny too how men always think that people want to barge in on them naked! Speaking for most of us – we don’t!!

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  3. poshbirdy says:

    Sounds fantastic and exactly right. But before you remove the glass, try mirror spray – you can get the rustic look you want and save hours. Borrow mine if you like

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  4. You probably know this already but a friend showed me the way to you Pinterest the other day and you literally just enter a few words in the search bar and it brings up ideas. She has designed almost all of her house like this!


  5. bizzyella says:

    Yes, absolutely, that’s way better than a curtain to hide a messy interior space. The laundry, a closet, the not-so-secret bar, lots of great options.


    • Will have to lock or bolt of course, Trevor seems convinced that someone might want to join him in any bathroom we build. He hasn’t yet recovered from me insisting on (obscure) part glazing on shower room doors upstairs.


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