Now you see him , now you don’t

Although we are some way off “completion” at the French village house (which I think may be an abstract concept anyway) I cannot resist looking at lighting for the near finished terrace room and salon.

I spotted this great lamp, inspired by the classic anglepoise, in M. Bricolage’s lighting department.

This place is not to be sniffed at, I found a great shade for the dining area there also.

The floor standing lamp is made from a grey washed hardwood, with chunky and functional little “tap” type angle adjustors and featuring  vintage style fabric covered   cord and a heavy marble base to keep it stable. The shade is patinated  zinc. I love it so I took  a photo, then a second one milliseconds later in which  Trevor had stealthily materialised ! I always suspected he  has mysterious and preternatural talents.

He has the spooky ability to find me WHEREVER I am, and no matter how obscure a place. We don’t even bother agreeing rendez-vous because he just has this homing beacon. Example-he was working in Worthing (Sussex) once, and said he would join me for lunch at a specific time & I went off sight seeing.

Worthing is a fair sized town. At the appointed hour he just materialised behind me. He does that.

My daughter finds it very amusing and says it’s a kind of affectionate stalking.


What struck me about the lamp photos is how old we are looking. 20150522_122005I put up the first pictures in the salon last month, including a hard pastel of Trev on Ingres paper I sketched not long after we met in 1994.

I drew this as an experiment in fading light and always felt I captured him better than in any sketch since.

This was pre mid-life-crisis beard and pre grey hair .

We are getting old


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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12 Responses to Now you see him , now you don’t

  1. poshbirdy says:

    Remember that it’s not an ageing process, it’s a perfecting process, Gill

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  2. Gabriele says:

    When I used to vacation in the Grand Sud a friend from Amsterdam would join me. He said he could never aspire to dating a French woman but he wished he had M. Bricolage for a father…a father who could understand DIY could refer to making one’s own decisions.
    Back in the US, he has not abandonned his father-figure…says one can’t feel filial to someone named ‘OSH’…


  3. bizzyella says:

    Nice drawing. The weird thing is, I never think of it as getting older. I think of it as getting fatter. The problem with that is that when I do lose weight I am always amazed that I still have sags and wrinkles.


    • It’s the age on paper that freaks me out, inside I am still essentially a bohemian sixteen year old art student


      • bizzyella says:

        Yeah. I tried explaining that to a grandson. ” You know, every day is all new for us, too.” He looked at me like I had told him the steering had just gone out in the car and I wasn’t so sure about the brakes, either. What a hoot. I wonder whether, when he is 60, he will remember the conversation and if he does, what he will think of it.


      • As the man said, youth is wasted on the young…………………..


  4. Osyth says:

    Have you ever seen the movie ‘Mr Deeds’ with Adam Sandler? The Butler has a disconcerting habit of just materialising … ‘ I am bery berry sneaky’ he says – is this Trev? PS: I LOVE Monsieur Bric!


  5. We are not getting old, we are maturing and therefore getting stronger and better!


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