Dream French escape of the day; hand-picked for you

20150523_160355So, halfway between Argeles- sur-Mer and Campagne- sur-Aude we often stop at Maury.

This is a beautiful and very French village in the heart of the Roussillon  wine growing region . With brilliant links to mountains, Mediterranean  and Perpignan city it is a sunny mix of French, Catalonian and a bit of Spanish culture in gob-smackingly gorgeous surroundings.



We sat at the bar and had a glass of rose and I spotted this house with a hand-painted “A Vendre ” (for sale) sign.

At first I thought it was a typical one room wide village house. I got up for a look and what a gem!




Double fronted, on a pretty street that leads up into the foothills of the mountains. Great cafe/bar across the street with excellent French Catalan cuisine. Another award wining restaurant across the road. Views to die for. On the top floor is a pretty little loggia so you can watch the world go by in complete privacy.

From the little stone bridge alongside you can see the wide rear facade with a charming large wrought-iron balcony to fill with charming chairs and pots. Permission to open up those pretty windows shouldn’t be a problem. You have a little annexe to store bikes etc.

Underneath is what looks like a natural spring that feeds into a little culvert below, so the gentle sound of trickling water will accompany your aperitifs!



A hidden gem; and no, I am not on commission!! Somebody buy this please. Centre for wine tasting and vineyard tours (all accessable on foot) scenery, walking, cycling , half an hour to hot and happening Perpignan, an hour to Spain.

Enjoy castles , culture, live music, food.

Enjoy as a holiday home, would let to tourists EASILY; or just go and live in it.

I imagine it would be around 130,000 euros

About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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17 Responses to Dream French escape of the day; hand-picked for you

  1. Lynda says:

    I would guess this has sold long ago. It does look so charming!

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  2. old woman says:

    do you have contact information for whomever is handling the sale of this property? please?


    • Hi

      I don’t think it is with any agent, but if you zoom in on the notice in the window, you will find the French contact telephone number.
      Private sales very common here. Good luck, it really is a gem


  3. Very nice! I like the facts that there are restaurants and bars close by…


  4. Looks idyllic Gill alas a bit too far from here to make it worthwhile but I can dream! 🙂

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    • Yes, I guess it might be hard for you to nip over for le weekend!
      I posted it in the hope that someone who is looking for a lockupandleave low maintenance property, or a lucrative investment rental business in the area would check it out.
      It’s one of those hidden gens that you just won’t find on the internet or on an estate agent’s books

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  5. Clair says:

    Location, location, location, as they say. Looks like a really nice little place. Wonder what the inside looks like?


  6. If only I had any money for such a little luxury. I love the fact that it faces onto a street where there are good places to eat. I mean who wants to travel when you’ve got a belly full of Bad Booze, Biscuit, Brisket and Brine (to quote Reeves and Mortimer 😉 )

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