Pass the passementerie, I think I am addicted

???????????????????????????????Well here we are again

Doctor, doctor, my mind flips to trimmings at the most inappropriate times”

I keep picking up “the odd pair”

Left, modern cotton with black metal bases

Right-vintage faded silk with beads

Below- Big raw flax with intricate knotting (weigh a ton)











Here lies the extent of my obsession, I am watching the TV series “The Musketeers” (mainly for interior design inspiration) set in 17th c France but filmed mainly in unspoilt parts of the Czech Republic.

One of the heroes (I forget which, but wasn’t Aramis a 1970’s aftershave?) was peeling off his slightly Jean-Paul Gaultier inspired leather jacket to buckle his swash  with a painfully corseted lady and what am I focussing on?? The muslin drapes artfully swathed behind him, edged in pom-pom fringing!!


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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4 Responses to Pass the passementerie, I think I am addicted

  1. Osyth says:

    Oh that did make me laugh! I love that version of the Musky Queers … but can quite see the appeal of the curtains over the amour!

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  2. Clair says:

    You made me laugh, girl! Not because I have a thing for tassles and trims, or Mark Paul, but because I TOTALLY do the same thing. I watch movies and shows as much for the set design as for the plot. Ever see the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman? I have a long standing love a fair with that house. I’ll watch a movie and look at the wallpaper instead of the main character, and the light fixtures will distract me from the plot to the point that I need to rewind. A current favorite of mine is the show, Outlander, set in historic Scotland. ***sigh***!

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    • Yep
      I look through people’s windows too…here and abroad
      Trevor finds this slightly embarrassing

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      • Clair says:

        For work, I go into other peoples’ houses all the time. I frequently have to cover the fact that I’m checking out their kitchen reno (or whatever) while I’m there! And, yup. I look in windows too. Tell your hubby you found a kindred decorating peeping Tom across the ocean, lol!


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