The Thursday Three- HOW much is TOO much?

DSC01851 - Copy (3)I have quite a few of these 19thc cotton tablecloths & table mats with lace and drawn thread work and was planning to hang a couple of small ones on the shower room doors to preserve the modesty of the occupants. Remember this room opens into the two bedrooms on the second floor?

You may recall, or care to visit archive post for November 2013-The Doors Part II (the revenge?) In which Trevor objected to my wish for glass panels in the shower room doors.

I did not want to lose all the light we have gained up there from the roof windows but he raised one of his very occasionally voiced doubts at my bright idea .???????????????????????????????

In fact he put on his  best, scowly,  closed, stubborn face,  and I was sorely tempted to readjust said face with the hammer in my back pocket but refrained because I don’t want to stain the limewaxed floor-left & sept13 105please note, door is straight, it is walls that are not!- Anyway, grumpy men with limited vision aside, I soon realised that the fabric on the cloth above was too opaque to let much light through, also  too elaborate and decoratively  dramatic (overkill alert!) for our house  so I went on a three year hunt for some antique or vintage panels with a lighter weave. I found some in France but the old ones were fragile and damaged  & the authentic looking new versions were silly prices.???????????????????????????????

Most modern reproductions are nasty polyester but I have just found these half price at and they are perfect for purpose, very fine cotton lawn with embroidery and cut work details, insert cotton lace and pin tucks.

Made in India but classically French in style

I am impressed with the deep double stitched borders and little tab holding the removable tassles, Really beautifully made and exactly what a good repro piece should be.

Just in case you are wondering why I am so obsessed with retaining the light we have introduced to the interiors at the French village house, I provide –below right-the pre-velux, pre-doorway, pre-decor “before photo” of the –top left– view up the terrace room above.




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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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4 Responses to The Thursday Three- HOW much is TOO much?

  1. Lynda says:

    I have never seen tassels attached like that. What a great idea! Most I’ve seen are either sewn in or pinned. Ridiculous! I will be altering my tasseled items ASAP!


  2. bizzyella says:

    Yeah. I was going to suggest La Redoute. They have good stuff, assuming you are okay with machine-made developing-world knockoffs, which I certainly am. If you can wait for the sales, they even have some really good prices.


    • Don’t mind knock offs if they look the part, wash well and the workers aren’t mistreated! ( La Redoute now have fairly sound ethics, as do Maisons du monde, another favourite)
      I used to be the renovation & restoration purist but things change.
      Authentic is fine if you are prepared to wait years for perfect piece or don’t mind paying crazy money.
      I’m too poor to be proud right now and my focus is to put stuff in the house that suits it, works for us and looks good; that’s hard enough to do anyway as our house has it’s own quirky little personality .


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