The Thursday three- “Rough luxe” embroidery, vintage shop display, something new.. but just right

???????????????????????????????Ok, what is rough luxe”?

Apart from being a hot new buzz word in interior design ( which doesn’t really matter to me,as you may have deduced from my random style) it seeks to epitomise the spirit of “authenticity of the old” i.e. rough and raw juxtaposed with something smooth and lustrous with a luxurious edge .

I wasn’t aware that the feel and style we are tentatively settling on at the French village house had a name, but it has now! This large piece of embroidery-left- was another bargain because I could see how beautiful it could be despite the state it came to me in.

It had clearly been stored somewhere slightly damp for  decades and had the worse sort of old, musty, smoky smell emanating from it in pungent waves. The previous “keeper” had been nervous about washing it due to the apparent fragility and the colour runs here and there caused by being  folded away in a musty cupboard.

I have posted before about rescuing vintage textiles;as preserving a deteriorating piece without cleaning it is pointless (unless it will be behind glass), I did my usual small pieces treatment and placed it into the gentlest 40 degree , “no or low” spin  machine wash with two of my restoration miracle workers, the “colour catcher”sheets available in every supermarket ( Tesco’s are very good)

The result is perfect, all traces of colour run gone, the satin stitch embroidery silks are clear and bright and the humble coarse unbleached linen fabric ground is clean and characterful again…. now one of my very favourite pieces.???????????????????????????????

Right- we have this ex-shop display and storage box for “Sylko” threads. Each drawer is the perfect size to hold 36 wooden bobbins of sewing thread.

The shabby patina is genuinely time-worn, and I have NOT been anywhere near it with the sandpaper!


Last , we have this cotton bed linen, which is new  but looks old and faded (like me in the mirror this morning) in perfect terrace bedroom colours by Janet-Reger.

The faded plaster period pink/grey lilac colours are just what I like, maybe they reflect Ms Reger’s lingerie design heritage.

Chinoiserie theme creeping in again.


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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9 Responses to The Thursday three- “Rough luxe” embroidery, vintage shop display, something new.. but just right

  1. bizzyella says:

    Wow, week after week of these things. The brocante dealers must recognize you by now and be thrilled to see you coming.

    I have been tempted to pick up some old lace curtains but have been put off by the usual discoloration and all. Next time I’ll give them a try and use your clever remedy to spruce them up. Thanks!


    • Hi

      Been picking up this stuff since I was fourteen, but most of the pieces posted on this blog were picked up specifically for French house in last few years
      Great to have an excuse to trawl for treasures especially as it is complete opposite of my day job.

      If you are tempted, buy! If you don’t you will regret it as you may never see those gems again.

      To refresh discoloured lace is a little different from cleaning fabric and sorting colour runs, but I have tried & tested remedy for white/off white bed linen & lace that I will post soon,


  2. I had to smile when I saw that you were writing about the latest in interior design… I started to think I had misjudged you all this time. Relief swept over me in the second para… 😉


    • Well, I have always liked looking at buildings and creating interiors, but the main two things that I learned from my interior design course was that the colours I put together are “in line” with the rules of the colour wheel and that many of the schemes I have put into my rooms for the last forty years actually have a name and that there is a whole design style ethos behind each of them!….who knew? I didn’t.

      I have very seriously considered doing this job (Interior Design with Capitals) , but it’s way too prescriptive for me, my colour and “composition” sense comes from my gut and my painting side so if it works that’s great .
      The French house is dictating it’s own style in any case.

      Liked by 1 person

      • bizzyella says:

        Well, the other problem with being an interior designer is that you have to deal with clients. What do you do when you’re thinking sepia and they are thinking lime green?Being your own client is the best thing in the world.


      • TOO right bizzyella! That’s one of the many reasons I have not become an official ID, however still enjoy helping friends who are stuck. I always have plenty of ideas, could do with a chateau to try them all out but not keen on upkeep and bills that would entail.
        We will stick with what Kevin from Grand Designs likes to call a “modest dwelling”…………….


  3. Osyth says:

    Really informative. I recently bought a set of vintage bedlinen for my youngest daughter’s student flat in Primark (£7 for a double set) – similar to the Reger though I suspect yours is a better quality! I love the embroidery and would stalk you for it!!


    • Hi

      Yes it’s gorgeous, but you need to look at my antique and vintage finds archive posts and my gallery posts to see some more of my treasures that may also prompt some stalking !
      re Primark, I have a great vintage style shower curtain, pastel towels and a faux French vintage bed set that are all suprisingly good quality for the price.
      I am not proud and will shop anywhere and admit it!

      Liked by 1 person

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