Why buy in the Languedoc Roussillon? Part one-country village life?

TitleTen true reasons why we bought a village house here in the Aude region of Southern France

1) For a small price we can live in an ancient village steeped in history and local culture

2) We can live simply and cheaply and minimise consumption of precious resources

3) We feel better when the sky is blue for at least 300 days a year, and the temperatures are several degrees higher than in gloomy BritainDSC01343

4) Because even though we are atypical and a bit quirky, we  fit right in

5) The pace and rhythm of life suits us

6) We have amazing views and walks and architecture on our doorstepDSCF0087


7) Around every corner is a photo opportunity

8) I feel that I will be able to paint again in this place

9) Because one-upmanship  is rare here (amongst the French people that is!) and people value a bit of diversity and enjoy the simple pleasures of life

10) The moment we step over this bridge, we are in a different worldDSC0015820140727_175347


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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5 Responses to Why buy in the Languedoc Roussillon? Part one-country village life?

  1. OK, OK, I have to admit I am envious. Love the thing about being quirky but fitting in anyway.


  2. I can well understand why you bought a house here it looks idyllic! Although I love going back to see family in the UK (which as of last month includes our younger daughter) I don’t think I could live there anymore I’d feel the cold too much! Beautiful photos thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Thank you!
      Sitting here on a cold and drizzly day looking at our dishevelled and windswept bare UK autumn garden and totting up the now fully blown French property budget ( we always knew the time would come when we had to find some extra dosh) I need a few photos of blue skies to cheer me up and remind me why we are pushing on with this dream of ours..

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      • Very best wishes with it all – I have often thought it would be lovely to have a little property in France (not too practical now we live in Australia) but realise it would be a lot of work. What you’ve done so far is wonderful – I love looking at the photos – so keep going with the dream and you’ll get there! 🙂


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