Episode 91- In which I wrestle with renovation & restoration related guilt

???????????????????????????????Renovation, restoration, reflection….

So,  I found this old photo of Trev with signs of his original brown hair colour  still evident and realised that, in just seven years of double property renovation & restoration projects  in the south of France, his hair has turned white!

Is this as a result of living with the renovation stress-witch? (me)

Did the herculean task of trying to drive two projects 1,000 miles away in another country give him a heart condition?( also driven by me)

Well maybe not option two, as his latest check ups  show that his heart is fine, it was just one ****ed up artery that nearly killed him this year. I still wonder if he would have been so picky and driven about these projects  if I had not been so obsessed with both the detail and the final flourishes. I wonder if he wishes he had picked a partner  with a less acute vision of what she wants from the village house and the seaside apartment?20140917_195525

Well, you ask, why don’t you ask him? clearly you haven’t met the man or you would know what a silly question that is …………………………..

On a less soul-searching note, the “jackandjill” shower room is bloody bright now with two Veluxes and a pale floor. We will need sunglasses to enter when we have painted the joists and boarded out bits (just off) white  shower room in progress

Do I paint the vintage wrought iron wash stand to match the antique mirror?

I think I need a break from any house related decisions for a bit  or I will go grey too



About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 91- In which I wrestle with renovation & restoration related guilt

  1. bizzyella says:

    Wow. I like the lavender. I have been wrestling with the whole color thing. Real, full-on color is so unfashionable but done right, it can be really pretty. IMO, he’d have gone grey anyway. And he doesn’t look like a wuss. I bet if he weren’t okay with all this, you’d have heard by now. So there you go, one less thing to stress about. Now you can start to worry about whether anyone had a videocam going during your karaoke session;-0.


    • Thanks, I guess so , and I am probably on facebook/youtube channelling Lady GaGa right now. Never look at those sites anyway and always happy to entertain..!!

      I like lavenders with a pinky grey tint running through them- the one in the shower room is a French bathroom paint colour called “figue” .
      I have used a pale grey lavender over a pink base in the adjoining terrace bedroom,
      (see episode 79 July 2014) with a blue/green band above and pale neutral ceiling & floor.
      I know whites and neutrals maximise light and open up spaces ( & I am using them) but I do like a bit of colour too, however trial and error has shown that some colours I used in UK do not work under Languedoc light.


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