Episode 89- A Surreal September in the South of France

Renovation, restoration, hallucination…September 2014

French country vide-greniers & brocantes are very civilised.

1) There is no requirement to get up at the crack of dawn to get the bargains and…

2) I have yet to witness mass hordes of dealers descending to fight over  stuff before the stall holder has even unpacked . This used to happen all the time when I did antique markets and car boots in UK and I found it extremely uncivilised.

I left Trevor in the land of Nod  and wandered up to the Mairie square about 8:30 to find a very leisurely unpack going on.

Most stall holders were passing round fresh coffee and the odd pastis ( to keep out the cold, it was only 30 degrees) and eating  croissants. I found a couple of treasures and had a little chat. People actually asked what I might be looking for and if they didn’t have it somewhere in a box, helpfully  alerted the next stall to rummage for rideaux (curtains) which were my main mission as I have one more window to dress. I also spotted what looked like the perfect washstand for my Chinese basin (see last Thursday Three) in the shower room at village house and the nice lady agreed to hold it whilst I went home for breakfast. I love this place.

It was a beautiful warm, sunny Campagne morning. Having spotted a few old tools earlier that I thought Trev would like, we  both wandered back  an hour or two later.

???????????????????????????????As we walked up the street  a French brass band, spanning at least three generations  struck up a rousing opening number.

We stopped and looked at each other with growing recognition, followed by a total temporary suspension of belief as they broke into a stirring and surreal version of “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys ???????????????????????????????



Thank you Les Z’O Doigts of Les Hauts de L’Aude for making my month.


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 89- A Surreal September in the South of France

  1. bizzyella says:

    Nice post. I don’t have a house to furnish yet and you’ve got me wanting to hit the brocantes.

    It’s odd, isn’t it? There is this awful political/bureaucratic France that will have you wondering what exactly you were thinking when you decided to move over here. Then there is this other low-key, slightly loopy France that makes you wonder how you could live anywhere else.


    • Certainly the “lk” & “sl” suits us because we are that way inclined.
      Of course we have had issues with bureaucracy etc but our estate agent, builder, bank manager & French accountant have minimised much of the potential problems for us.
      Not sure we would have survived without them so hats off


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