The Thursday Three- more hot topics and VERY EARLY

Whilst I spend many happy (and some less than  happy hours) considering exactly what we are going to put into our French “desres” WHAT, you may well ask, does Trevor think of all this pondering & soul searching?

Well, I can reveal that the only element in which he has shown any signs of animation or interest are appliances, i.e. the range cooker, the monster fridge he wants, the outdoor waterproof speakers to play his vinyl collection.. etc.

The preoccupation with picking a cooker has been going on for months with forensic investigations into a number of options (see earlier post “Hot,Hot,Hot!”)    but I think we may have narrowed it down to a shortlist of THREE

elise-110-induction_china-bLeft-The Rangemaster Elise (based on Lacanche) only has induction hob option, He likes ..but I favour Right-Bertazzoni HeritageH36_6_GGV_crema_lg



But  I also like the shape of –Below-SMEG Vintage-


Then, of course we have to agree on a colour………….

But let’s face it folks, what I really, really want is something like this$_57

*Is it completely impractical and uneconomical? YES

*Is it so heavy it will fall through kitchen floor and land on sleeping guests in the cave? YES

*Is it beautiful to look at it and absolutely authentic  YES


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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5 Responses to The Thursday Three- more hot topics and VERY EARLY

  1. bizzyella says:

    Can’t wait to see what you decide. I decided to be honest with myself about my organizational skills, which are about nil. This means the whole propane tank refill thing just won’t happen at my house. I’m looking at a Wolf induction cooktop and convection oven. I have no clue how to make that pretty, much less authentic or homey, heartwarming or anything else a stove should do other than cook food.


    • We are very lucky to have gas supply , rare in country village so fuel options are wider.
      There again induction hob practical. I will be sensible though , old, authentic and cute is not the criteria for kitchen appliances, I know..


  2. I like the wholly impractical one at the end … after all you need to be authentic!


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