Episode 83- My Right Foot

20140810_130122renovation, restoration, inflammation

My right foot has been thoroughly traumatised this week. On Tuesday I stepped on an eviscerated slug (in bare feet- me, not the slug) that had crawled under our ill fitting back door ) vile sensation.

On Wednesday I stepped on a spring from dead clothes peg hiding in our uncut lawn while hanging the washing out ( bare feet again, a picture is emerging ) which poked a hole between my toes

On Thursday  I was foolishly carrying heavy shopping  in a flimsy carrier bag from a well known supermarket (designed of course to split and make you remember to take your own reusable bag in future) and just as I put my key in the front door, the bag split and the corner of a wine bottle base landed right on the joint of my third toe.

Apart from the fact that this was probably my mother admonishing me from beyond the grave for buying wine on a Thursday, I knew instantly that I had broken it by the crunch, the colour and the incredibly sick-making pain.

As toes are not generally plastered, merely strapped together to heal on their own there was not a lot I could do but hobble around for three days. It still hurts if I put any weight on it, but now the strapping has been replaced with a strip of plaster and most of the bruising/swelling is disappointingly invisible in today’s photo I feel slightly more positive that I will be able to wedge it into one half of a pair of corporate court shoes on Wednesday when I have to leave the house and appear sensible &  sentient in a public place . Wish me luck with that.

DSC02944The upside  of having to rest is that I have spent some happy hours stitching dyed vintage cotton lace onto some large 20’s style French square matte satin pillow cases and some oblong feather stuffed linen ones for terrace bedroom. This pulls the slightly glam sequinned lace square cases together with the country style embroidery/ linen ones, & the antique bedspread and curtains from recent posts .

Is this what they call “rough luxe”?


Suits the French house then, it is pretty rough right now and a long way off lux(e), but a girl has to have something to aspire toDSC02943

The lace came from “Crafty Trimmings Haberdashery- find them on ebay.


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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6 Responses to Episode 83- My Right Foot

  1. Oh dear it sounds like you have been in the wars and Mother was definitely admonishing you for buying wine on a Thursday … She would probably approve of the way you spent the time sewing though, as that was an appropriate hobby for ladies! Sure she’d approve of the whole project … she would have descended on you at regular intervals to give the place a good ‘bottoming’, leaving every available surface gleaming where possible. Suspect she would have enjoyed the lifestyle there, which would give her plenty of opportunity to flirt with foreign gentlemen … remember the trip to Spain? Dad got a sprained ankle but she was told off for flirting 🙂


  2. Lovely pillows, but poor toes. Feel better soon.


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