Episode 80- Then and now and when and how?

20140727_174818Renovation, restoration, contemplation

We have just had a great break in France. Very calm very chilled very tempting to just burn all boats and stay here but this is simply not possible quite yet.Or is it?

Question-What happened to my adventurous spirit, where I would just pick up my portable possessions and move on to wherever I felt like going next at the drop of a hat?


Answer- Kids happened, mortgages happened, break-ups & divorces & economic crises happened, accumulating piles of (mainly) unnecessary “stuff”happened. In short, life happened & I grew up.

We only had one disagreement and that was mainly as a result of Trevor’s (prescribed) drug “rage”- i.e. the cocktail of chemicals getting him through the next 12 months following the angioplasty is affecting his moods adversely. Even so, Campagne worked it’s usual magic  and brought everything back to the simplest basics. Being here is priceless and our needs and our outgoings will be less than in UK.

BUT-we know that we cannot subsist on the revenue from holiday lets and we also now know that the nearest thing to fibre-optic broadband we are likely to get in our little village in the next decade is the satellite option being considered by the Mairie. Why didn’t I factor this obvious shortcoming into my plans? This is a traditional working village on the edge of the countryside; why on earth did I think that it would or could accommodate me working from home whilst living full-time here in France?

My dream is to work on the terrace and listen to the river. Our neighbours are taking the plunge and coming here full time; are we just being overcautious?

Sadly, I am the the only one of 600 villagers  who will need a reliable internet link in order to work. B****r!DSC00171


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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9 Responses to Episode 80- Then and now and when and how?

  1. Lynda says:

    Gill, I think I may be able to help you with your uploads. I went in and checked your image size and for the river scene it shows this: (JPEG Image, 3264 × 2448 pixels) – this is a massive file! Do you have any imaging software? For example, something like Photoshop? Even a generic one found on the internet should be able to reduce your image size and still look stunning on your blog pages.

    In my PS editor I chose the option under File that says: Save for WEB. Once in I reduce the highest number to begin with a 1 So, using your file as an example I would change the 3264 to 1264 and the program will automatically change the size of the second value to an appropriate size. When your values are reduced be sure to check the APPLY box be sure you save the file as a JPEG. WordPress only likes the JPEG format.

    If my instructions are Greek to you, or you don’t have PSE send me an email and I will try make my instructions more clear. Big Bonus!!! if you reduce your files your free account will use a lot less megabytes and you will not be asked to pay for your account so soon.
    [ farmlet (at) att (dot) net ]

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  2. bizzyella says:

    Wow. You are remote. I’m in a village with 350 full-time inhabitants and we still have DSL. Maybe the local geography has something to do with it. It looks like you are in a pretty hilly place, so it could be kind of expensive to install.


  3. We are staying in a house in the mountains of Tuscany with a very unreliable internet connection. I had planned these two weeks as sort of a writing retreat. The writing is going well, but the publishing is a nightmare. I am literally perched on a tiny windowsill en ce moment hoping that this comment will be published when I click send. It took me 4 hours to upload one set of pictures for a different post. Not exactly the best use of my time, although the scenery and tranquility is divine. (ps: I LOVE your door!)


    • My situation exactly! One day, I needed to discuss a critical work issue with my son, who acts as my mail clerk when I am in France; the only way I could get a mobile phone reception was standing on a large stone at the very edge of the river.
      Boy did I get some weird looks!
      I have to walk around the house/street/village to send or receive emails which can take 24 hours or sometimes they just sit in the outbox all week!
      Photos? it took me three days to post “The Thursday three”


  4. Dang – didn’t think about lack of wi-fi there. That’s a right pain. Surely would be a pain for lots of people? Where do they go to use the Internet?? You’re right though – that question of when and how is critical, and not easily answered. At some point you have to just take a plunge.


    • Hi Jennifer
      In short, no it’s not a a pain to anyone else in the village, because their livelihoods don’t depend on it! I cannot complain as the fact that the village has barely moved out of the 19th century, let alone the 20th is why we love it!
      The old adage is true, one can’t have everything.


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