Episode 77- The sunny side of the street- “en plein soleil”

DSC02770renovation, restoration, orientation

A little advice for French house hunters……..

I like this photo, it shows a portion of the our French village house to the right- bathed in sunlight ( I can’t get it all into any shot, street too narrow) I advise you to consider aspect seriously and don’t be blinded by a pretty looking house in a lousy location (many have)

Amazing how a bit of sun improves the look of even our tatty, yet to be painted part-medieval  hovel.  We are fortunate to have a relatively straight frontage- the lean on the house near left is not a trick of the camera!

Bear in  mind we saw it on a grey April day-Scan0003jpg Right- about 3/4 of frontage-

It looked even worse in the faded photos in the estate agency, in fact it looked so unappealing that they wouldn’t even put it in the window. You will all  have to wait a wee bit longer for the amazing “reveal” as Trevor is convalescing and won’t be swinging any giant tools for the rest of this year. Like I said, things (life) happen.

If you are viewing property to buy, don’t make any decisions in the sunshine; viewing on a dull, dark day, preferably with a bit of monsoon rain thrown in to highlight the leaks is strongly advised. Trust me




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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 77- The sunny side of the street- “en plein soleil”

  1. bizzyella says:

    What a nice place. I’m with you on the “bad weather” advice. Seeing a place at its worst, right at the outset, goes a long way toward fighting off despondency when the place has been half done since forever and there is a cash crunch or time delay. Don’t know why but it has helped me a lot.


    • Thanks, you are first person to describe it as “nice”- my niece’s daughter used the term “minging” which you may not have in California!!
      Yes , our village/area is beautiful (location, location) but the house did look pig-ugly when we bought it- outside drainage pipes (?) EDF cables strung across the front, brown shutters and grey render-but all that is fixable if the bones are good and the place is nice, we can and we will make it look , work & feel good.
      Despondency has crept in when cash dried up and uncontrollable delays kicked in but that is life and we will push on on the basis that it certainly can’t get any worse!


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