Episode 75- Papier peint, oui ou non? to wallpaper or not to wallpaper

tulip roomI had absolutely no intention of using any wallpaper anywhere when we bought the French house. Almost all my recent decorative treatments have been paint based. I liked what was left of the wallpaper in the  tulip bedroom, but it was way beyond preserving & the other wallpapers in the house were dark and dreary and I have no wish to duplicate that look, though I am aware that wallpaper is both authentic and traditional in French interiors so  perhaps it can be re-introduced into your renovation projects with a bit of thought and care.

I analysed what I did like about this vintage tulip paper, and it is it’s simple, traditional hand printed design and the slightly pearly, light reflecting ground which keeps it from overwhelming the space.

Other SENSIBLY priced wallpapers with this vibe include-Left- Emperor Paisley DSC02891and DSC02894Right- Marchmont -both by Laura Ashley.

I have bought this wallpaper- below left– which has a linen ground, and is produced for the American market, but Laura Ashley have a version in other colourways and it is very reminiscent of the historic wallpapers produced in France in designs influenced by 18th century “chinoiserie” wall paintings created by hand in grander French homes (and in other european countries !) and the classic “indienne” designs, which appear in both antique and contemporary textiles all over France, with bird, animal, paisley and floral motifs .

below right- this more contemporary red “Indienne” is by Crown wallpapers and again has that pearly/metallic sheen that will reflect light around the space.

I am using this  as a single feature wall behind the bed.

tumblr_m4v5taoW1F1rpg76lparadise bird

I also love this chic American paper for a grander house –bottom left- “Norwall Grand Chateau”from MonsterMarketPlace.comnorwall-grand-chateau-beige-grey-yellow-jacobean-wallpaper-gc29829-page-1-600x600 or –bottom right-this great Graham & Brown paper (grahambrown.com) which has the colours & feel of chinoiserie50-763-main .

All the above are reasonably priced. I have found some lovely upmarket French traditional wallpapers but the prices are eye-watering. If you have a large chateau and budget to match, great, but this is the bargain basement, style on a shoestring blog!


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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One Response to Episode 75- Papier peint, oui ou non? to wallpaper or not to wallpaper

  1. Lynda says:

    Loving the paisley and the feathers papers!


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