Episode 74 – In which we reminisce on deceased vacuum cleaners..

kitchen dining arearenovation, restoration, suction (or lack of it)

We have  managed to wear out three vacuum cleaners since we started the French village house project.

The yellow one glimpsed left- in our scary kitchen/diner/guest bedroom was part of the three essential first purchases for our project, the other two necessities were a  pump for the sagging airbeds and a box of wine to get us through the initial push.

This vacuum died some time ago and has gone to the great déchèterie (rubbish dump) in the sky. It could not cope with the builder’s dust and rubble. So we bought a new, expensive one – though promoted as all singing, all dancing and capable of coping with “DIY waste” it didn’t. Perhaps our waste is worse? SAMSUNG

Despite it’s credentials this  second one is now sitting sadly in garage waiting to join it’s little yellow friend-right

The only vacuum cleaner to survive our long project is my son in law’s ancient upright Dyson. I guess it had lots of practice as it lived for years in his bachelor boy pad ( British readers think “Men Behaving Badly- tv show”)

It will pick up anything, but now only works for about ten minutes at a time , then it shuts itself  down and goes into a sulk until it’s core temperature has stabilised and cooled to normal range.


So, this messy and drawn out project has worn out two vacs and brought a third to it’s knees. I am very relieved to report that it has not worn out Trevor, as we feared.

He has three titanium stents and a balloon inserted yesterday by inspirational Portuguese/South African heart doctor. He will be back to work next month….



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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 74 – In which we reminisce on deceased vacuum cleaners..

  1. Yes, we do use the term DIY a little loosely, but we have had to do part of the work ourselves to keep costs down. To be fair, I am sure Trevor’s historical consumption of tobacco was main impact on his health, even though he stopped 17 years ago!

    How is your renovation pool looking, can you see the shore yet?
    I think we are just about treading water now


  2. bizzyella says:

    Oh my goodness. This is way way beyond DIY. No wonder they broke. My similar mistake was to think regular lawn mowers and weed whackers could handle knee-high weeds. Think again. We both jumped in at the deep end of this renovation pool. It’s a whole different tub of water.


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