The Thursday Three- Light fittings and Lions (GGRRHH)

The annual vide-grenier in our French village has thrown up some real gems over the last few years.DSC02756

I purchased a pair of these Empire style  appliques (wall lights) from our Mayor. If he ever comes round for an aperitif, it will be interesting to see if he recognises them! These had been rewired for electric and to hold glass globes, but I am going to mix it up a bit with some simple little white shades with a red rose print.


“French Empire” describes a move toward classical style and cleaner lines in the very earliest part of the 19th century; I guess it’s English contemporary would be Regency style. These are going each side of bed in tulip bedroom and will act as bedside lights.

Monsieur Mayor’s stall was also the source of this enamelled wall light destined for terrace bedroom.DSC02757 (The bit of masking tape is to identify what goes where for the Electrician.) I have a 1920’s turquoise glass shade with little flower garland on to go with it. I like the fact that the evident wear and tear on it is genuine and not someone’s ill-judged stab at “shabby chic”  .

No idea how old it is, but again has been wired for the very earliest electric supply about a century ago and given a shade fitting more recently.

I suspect genuinely vintage! Just seen one near identical in French brocante chic interiors  magazine featuring very posh renovation/restoration.???????????????????????????????

Lastly, we have my old faithful cast iron doorstop inherited by me (along with, according to some of my relatives, some of her less socially acceptable tendencies) from my eccentric great aunt Mary, daughter  of great grandad Sheffield featured in “Looking back” post below. Was in terrible rusty state and lovingly restored by me.

Ideal for wedging open our big heavy front door in village house in France, which has a disconcerting tendency to close itself when you are part way through it.



Maybe the whole house leans- toward the sun like a sunflower…………..?


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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