Looking back-over my shoulder

scan0014[1]Feeling nostalgic today so have posted some vintage pics.

I love black and white  photos. There is something spare but subtly expressive about the absence of colour. Snaps like this heralded the beginning of the casual shot and a significant shift toward the informal & the normal in photography for the masses in the 1960’s.

The ready availability of cheap cameras meant that  there was one in everyone’s holiday suitcase.

(In case you were wondering, I am the one in the hat; the little sister to my right is being a great support this week, Dad is no longer here but I am sure he is keeping his eye on me from somewhere )

I love sepia photos even more; they almost have the quality of a painting  for me. Maybe it’s the necessarily protracted posing   and the fact that back then, you dressed up to have your photo taken and had a choice of painted backdrops to pose against! My mother used to say that she dreamed in sepia- so here she is below-???????????????????????????????

Left to right top-My glamorous maternal great aunt in 1920, shame she didn’t pass the effortlessly chic gene onto me!

My fierce, strong great grandmother and my  paternal great aunts Annie and Maude, whose antimacassars I used to straighten and whose exquisite embroidery, tatting and lace making left me with a lasting love of antique linens & hand embellished textiles.

My great uncle Frank Sheffield, boy soldier, who enlisted before his 16th birthday and died in France

Left to right below-My paternal great grandfather Sheffield, master decorator and later Mayor of Clayton-Le-Moors in Lancashire.

My mother and friends posing on her 1940’s hen weekend, in their home made swimming cossies!

( V racy back then)

My mother (left) and cousins (including Joan, daughter of the glamourpuss)


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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