The Thursday Three- Serendipity and waterlilies; les nénuphars

DSC02788 I have hung the first picture” Les nénuphars” (waterlilies) up at the French village house, in the terrace bedroom, which is not far off completion.

This feels like a big step.

I found this in a troc (junk shop ) in Argeles-sur-Mer and not only is it a really lovely watercolour of a French house but it has all the  pale pastel 1920’s colours we are using in this bedroom- amethyst, birds egg/aqua, pale lime green and mimosa.

I thought the frame might be too dark, it looks like bird’s eye maple, but it works well.

This is a slightly fuzzy shot, but it does set the scene in here and also highlights my “boirofibred” wall which I am very please with & you can see a hint of the door and shower room accent colours.

As you might know, the Lloyd Loom stool I bought for the dressing table was half an inch too wide! but I found this “curiosity chic” vintage looking stool in faded grape linen  with luggage tag appliques in maisonsdumonde ( my favourite French home store and it looks perfect.    I don’t want to get too sugary in here, but these colours really work in this room, which is small and dual aspect so light enough to take something alongside the neutrals. The little stool was Trevor’s as a boy and ideal for reaching the Veluxes.

.DSC02804 DSC02803







I don’t want to wear out the fabric on the base of the stool by dragging it across the floor so I need to make two handles. Serendipitously, two years ago  I bought the vintage trim above, hand stamped with flowers and the word “Paris” which is perfect for the job.

If it wasn’t for recent events, I could say that everything is falling into place.


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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