Episode 72- Hot, hot, hot!

charlieu-v1-lrenovation, restoration, conflagration

Trevor is now, as I predicted, bored to tears sitting at home whilst he awaits further tests.

Watching old episodes of Columbo & Murder She Wrote have lost their charm  and he is all kindled out, so he has decided to apply his forensic mind into researching the pros and cons of various range cookers for the French village house. We want a traditional design


Trevor being Trevor, he not only pores over the internet for hours on end but we have to go look at various shortlisted models too.

I left him for five minutes outside Laura Ashley yesterday (I went in for samples for my Interior Design course assignment but ended up spending half an hour designing a random lady’s entire living room around Gosford Cranberry wallpaper) When I came out he was drooling over an Aga display, I have to admit that the “pearl ashes” colour  (warm pastel French grey) is almost edible.chablis-v1-m(agaliving.com)

We are also considering Esse ranges (esse.com) and Lacanche (lacanche.co.uk) which we can easily get delivered in France. I do prefer to support our local businesses. These come in a range of mouthwatering colours and I am tempted to have one of these rather than white or cream


There is ONE minor consideration. Our kitchen is, of course, on the first floor, up a set of narrow twisty stairs…..


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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4 Responses to Episode 72- Hot, hot, hot!

  1. Anne says:

    I love Agas and we had a lovely blue one in our house in England, but as you know I’ve just bought a Lacanche and am very pleased with it 🙂 I was initially toying with the idea of another Aga, but then felt that with summers so hot here in the area we live in Germany, I wouldn’t cope with extra heat radiating from the range. In fact we often switched off our Aga even in the comparatively cool summers of Cornwall! Although the Lacanche is heavier than a standard range, it is nowhere nearly as heavy as an Aga. So perhaps you could hoist it through a window if your stairs are too narrow? Our Lacanche was carried up to the the 3rd floor by 3 men, but they did say usually they have a 4th guy with them so struggled a bit! I also looked at the La Cornue ranges but found them perhaps a little too ornate for my taste, although could imagine it looking beautiful in a spacious French country house kitchen 🙂
    I agree about supporting local businesses, unfortunately I searched for German made ranges to no avail, as here they seem to prefer their super high-tech, modern built-ins; they really are not my cup of tea, hence I had to import!
    Happy decision making!
    Warm regards from Wiesbaden, Annie


    • Hi Anne
      Yes I agree , an Aga would not be practical in the South of France but we just like the look of them, also way to heavy for us. Trevor has been working out weight distribution and square footage and load bearing capacity of our kitchen floor for Lacanches which have been front runner since April so we are very interested in how you are finding yours! Just need to think about colour!! La Cornues are a bit too grand for us (too chateau-chic!)and the house, which is just humble village house not big country home . We brought the sofa in through the kitchen window ourselves ( see earlier posts) and won’t be doing that again, but hopefully if we buy from local supplier the delivery men will sort that one out.


  2. Also just found out that very expensive “La Cornue” cookers now making a more affordable (i.e. a quarter of the price) “La Cornufe” range, just drooling over Paris blue with copper and steel trim!!

    Good luck to you too, I am guessing that you won’t be having to hump yours upstairs
    Getting the sofas and the log burner up to first floor was traumatic enough!
    (See our posts “The Stove” & “In which we block the street”)


  3. Phill says:

    Thanks for that post as i am researching a range cooker for our kitchen renovations so will look up both makes.
    Good luck with yours


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