Episode 71- In which I make a few decisions…

20140531_190718Renovation, restoration, visualisation- It’s June 1st, the sun is blazing down outside and I am  feeling  much more positive and determined to be proactive: I will meet the next obstacle head-on.

Decided to get into French mode this weekend as that always cheers us up. My grandson stayed over & I showed him the photos of the new loo in the shower room at the French house , he was suitably  impressed.

We cracked a bottle of Southern French vin rosé, though I bitterly begrudge  paying English prices for something I could buy for under three euros in the village.( should the thought police be checking this out, the grandson did not partake)

Today I am cooking scallops with pasta, pesto, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes for  dinner- a few black olives too I think.

I am sorting out and putting on ebay anything we don’t need now and isn’t going to France with us.( I bought some oatmeal linen blinds thinking I could make them work with inward opening windows, but I can’t!)

This means refining exactly how I am going to do the rooms and what is going into them. This has been a slow organic process as have changed my mind a few times. My usual modus operandi is to buy  things I love that feel right for house and then decide 1) where they are going and 2) what needs to be done to get them looking right. The house & I are deciding the look between us.

Gloriously OTT  chateau  chic will NOT work, nor will an overly rustic pastiche, or that screamingly  bright American version of French  Country with bright red, blue and yellow thrown into the pot.sept13 103

Colours need to be subtle for this house, and  a linking colour/theme has finally been set as only about 125m square in all, however, both sides of the house have a distinctly different character which creates a challenge as far as a cohesive style goes. The chalky palette in the terrace bedroom, which is closest to completion, reflects that it is the newest bit ( 80 years old) You may detect a hint of 1920’s styling, but more Chinoiserie chic than Art Deco.

DSC02650These perforated zinc doors from an Edwardian house were going to be the boiler cupboard front  but now I think will use to create a “garde manger ” (pantry/food store cupboard)

All the wood in here will have a light finish, no heavy treacly varnishes, and at least half the cupboards/furniture will be painted in a neutral  matte finish. I am edging toward a pale stone colour  which exists only in my head at present.sept13 125  Here is the kitchen now- don’t laugh..


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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