The Thursday three- carved wood furniture

Today’s three are two furniture treasures unearthed in the Languedoc region in the South of France and one little gem from my most frequented hunting grounds, Black Country charity 5 buffet

Left-my only photo showing most of my “buffet de cuisine”or sideboard (these are sometimes known a “buffet a deux corps” or “cupboard with two bodies” !!)

This photo was taken on purchase , the top resides  in the dining area, piled high with light fittings and dust and currently containing, tea towels, dust sheets & a hot water bottle.

The bottom cupboard lives in the cave, covered in tools, an awning and a pair of fishing rods.

This is how we liveDSC02787

The wood is hardwood, close grained and pale and in very good condition , it has not been slathered in nasty shiny varnish, any suggestions as to what the wood might be are welcome. We paid 180 euros for it in a brocante (  these are usually stocked with less valuable antiques, vintage & interesting” junk”) it fits under the new ceiling with millimetres to spare!

Has lost it’s original marble top, but this has been replaced with three panels of shaped wood which I may faux marble or even wrap in zinc, haven’t decided yet. It is a beautiful thing.DSC02760

Left- we have the only visible bit of a big 19thc/early 20thc armoire. It has carved doors as seen at each side and a large bevelled mirror in the middle panel, it has a base with little feet.

Inside is hanging space in centre and shelves to  each side. 65 euros of gorgeousness from a “Troc” slightly less upmarket than brocantes but very good budget hunting grounds!

Currently living behind a mountain of building materials in the garage/workshop.

It is very scratched and marked but this is not a problem as it is going to be sanded and painted in very pale chalk French grey and rubbed back to highlight the beautiful rose carvings. It will live directly opposite the entrance door to the cave.???????????????????????????????

Right- Centre section of 1920’s oak sideboard bought here in the West Midlands (£25) from a charity shop.

Quite what a sideboard decorated with beautifully carved bunches of grapes and roses was doing here in the  Black Country is a mystery. Of course, roses are often planted with grapes for mutual benefit here in France  but how on earth it surfaced in Cradley Heath is the eighth wonder of the world.

It showcases my favourite period of Art Deco, falling between the end of the First World War and the late 1920’s; before the over-stylised geometric edge crept in. Sadly, although the carved frame, including the door frames, drawer fronts & handles are solid oak, the top, cupboard door panels and side panels are oak veneer and a different colour. The jury is out on whether I just rub it all back and leave it raw or wax it.


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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